Why are red roses so popular?

Why are red roses so popular?

The Red roses have long been a part of our history and depicted in the form of works of art from classical paintings, poetry, contemporary media and music. Throughout time, the rose, in his incurable beauty, was a source of inspiration and joy in the transmission of our deepest feelings.

We believe a red rose today, the true symbol of love and romance, but it has a more energetic sense. Greek and Roman mythology associated the red rose with the goddess of love. the rose Red the result was not only a symbol of love and loyalty, but also passion and desire.

As the exchange of roses and other flowers has become a tradition to show signs of affection, friendship, love. Rose was the favorite flower in the world. A gift of red roses expresses meaningful feelings for those we love on Valentine's day, mother's day, birthdays, anniversary or “just because." To start a new relationship take the next step and pass the message on commitment. to Buy roses in the river you can in our online store, flower shop, delivery in town! 

Anyway, take a leap of faith! You never know how happy you could make someone you love and care. Even one red rose can be a wonderful memory not soon forgotten! 

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