Why are flowers given on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day began to be celebrated back in the Middle Ages, but by the end of the XIV century, all lovers began to celebrate the holiday. To congratulate their soul mate, couples could give cards, sweets and flowers. And now it is customary to give luxurious bouquets, but what is the reason?

What flowers are associated with Valentine's Day?

Even at the beginning of the existence of mankind, people tried to find some ways to express their feelings. Of course, many different options have been tried. Many did it in secret, as it could be prohibited by law or religion. Personalized gifts could be risky, so bouquets came to the rescue. They began to give compositions more often when people learned about the "language" of flowers. With the help of such bouquets, there was no need to explain why the structure was presented.
Now, on February 14, florists make bouquets of a wide variety in size and content. They can be made both in the form of a regular and non-standard bouquet (heart). As a rule, the main flower used to create a composition is a rose.

How to choose a bouquet for Valentine's Day?

A classic bouquet for Valentine's Day will be a composition of red roses, which in ancient times were a symbol of love and passion. If you want the bouquet to be more romantic, then you should take a closer look at:
It is not necessary to purchase a composition with a red tint. Now flowers can be of different colors. The most popular shades include pink, white, milky, yellow, purple, lilac, coral. The younger the fairer sex, the softer the bouquet should be. Older ladies are usually presented with rich and dark compositions.
The cost of flowers for Valentine's Day can depend on a lot of factors and on the status of the relationship. If a couple is about to start dating, then you can present a modest and delicate bouquet (5-7 roses, several branches of hydrangea or alstroemeria). In addition, such gifts can be made on ordinary days to please the beloved.
If a man with a girl for a long time, then he can look closely at buying a bouquet, taking into account the preferences of his beloved. He probably should know what flowers his lady of the heart loves. After all, some hate roses, but they adore tulips or hydrangeas.
Sometimes men think that giving just a bouquet is trite. But what can be added to it? Flowers can be accompanied by a box of chocolates or other sweets, as well as a stuffed animal, body care supplies, or scented candles. If you know what your beloved dreams of, then you can buy her “dream”.
Many online stores even offer whole sets, which consist of several items that can please any girl, which greatly simplifies the work of a man. After all, it will be enough for him to come and pay for the gift and not even bother.
If you present flowers in a hat box, then such a composition can become a self-sufficient gift. Instead of a box, you can use transparent cubes, which not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also protect the flowers from the February frosts and cold, preserving and extending their life. In addition, such a package contains a floral sponge that will nourish the plants.
Flowers have long been considered a gift that can surprise any lady. They are presented not only on Valentine's Day, but also on other holidays, such as birthday, March 8, anniversary, etc.
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