What flowers to give a man?

Flowers for a man? .... Such surprise is caused by many with the question “Why does a man need flowers?”. In some countries it is not even customary to give a man a bouquet of flowers. But in Europe it has already become relevant and sometimes even very useful. For example, a stylish bouquet for the boss or a composition in a masculine style in the form of a present to a colleague. And to be honest, many men love flowers and they are just as pleased to receive them as a gift.
Let's take a look at what kind of flowers you can give a man.
For example, orchids are not given to the stronger sex, as this is a very delicate and fragile flower suitable only for girls. Calla lilies, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, gerberas, gladioli, amorelius and curved bamboo will add special charm to the bouquet for men.
The bouquet should be created in a laconic style, without the frills of ribbons and packaging. It is advisable to clearly expose the flower in straight lines without deviating from the intended shape. Often these are tall bouquets, but there can also be arrangements in boxes or baskets.
The color is usually chosen saturated, such as burgundy, red, purple, white, yellow, green. No pastel colors or delicate greenery.

Flowers for men on birthday

A great occasion to please the stronger sex with a composition of flowers. Birthday is a special day for everyone, when unexpected surprises are possible. In addition, if you need to present a present, the bouquet will be very useful. You can present an armful of tall roses, it is believed that such a bouquet is a sign of wealth and prosperity. It will also be a win-win option with a combined composition. Always consider the age and personality of the birthday person. Usually, the more serious a person is in character or holds a leading position, they give bouquets of anthurium, roses or amorelius in shades of burgundy, red, green. For a young boy, for example, sunflowers in a neat package or a composition even in bright colors but in a masculine style are suitable.

Bouquet for February 23

On this day, you need to give flowers that emphasize courage and courage. They shouldn't be small. Compositions are made in strict straight lines in classic versions of carnations, red tulips or a red rose in a bud.

Flowers for dad

It is very exciting to choose flowers for such a loved one. A bouquet for dad is supposed to express your feelings and, of course, not be strict anymore. You can choose, for example, gladioli and even make a bouquet of multi-colored ears. Such a colored bouquet will be a symbol of your love, gratitude and warmest feelings, because this flower is considered a symbol of good luck.
If you want to express respect and humility, asters in masculine colors will do. Such a bouquet is considered a symbol of gratitude.
Choosing chrysanthemums you say “I love you no matter what”.
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