What dream flowers?

What dream flowers?

It is considered that the flowers of a dream in a dream are a symbol of beauty. When receiving in his dream a beautiful bouquet, you can be sure that your life is unfolding exactly as they should and in the next few days someone will be pleased. In the same case if the gift was given you, then in the near future, you are someone will please. Note that most of the dreams in which there are plants and particularly flowers, are positive. However, their interpretation depends on the choice of colors, as well as from certain parts. It is considered, what good is a dream in which there are flowers in the garden. Flowers growing in the garden, are a symbol of joy, as well as the implementation of the most cherished desires. If in the dream there is a huge number of different kinds of bouquets, in fact, you'll make a new acquaintance. The woman who received the gift of many colors, it will in fact have a large number of fans.

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If you dream you someone gave a variety of colors, coming soon, wait for the success in all your Affairs. By the way, success will depend on the actions of people close to you – family and friends. If you had a large number of irises, you will be communicating with creative individuals – artists, writers and musicians. A dream in which there are chrysanthemum symbolizes the longing for love.

Tearing in the dream the flower, to make a whole bunch, in reality, you will understand and comprehend the reality of what is happening around. In the same case, if presented the colors you've used, then soon, there could be a betrayal of your loved one.

Vitaphone flowers in the garden are predvidenie that in your life there are enemies that can do everything for you to are unable to get access to certain information. If in your dream you have seen a large number of houseplants, it is quite possible, in fact, in your life there is loved one who hides his feelings towards you.

A dream in which you are planting flowers, says that soon you will be faithful and committed a very wise thing to do. Quite possibly, the resulting situation will be somehow linked to one of your loved ones. Weaving in his sleep of a wreath of wildflowers, allows you to indicate that in the near future, you will be able to meet his love. Thus, it is possible to notice that most of the dreams in which there are flowers that are positive.

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