What does the color of the bouquet??

What does the color of the bouquet??

Bouquet "25 colored gerberas"Flowers are an integral part of the gift, both for women and for men. In the case if the person is shy, it is possible to realize the gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or floral arrangements, means to talk about the feelings that you feel for him. At all times, flowers were an ornament that could be found everywhere. According to some sources, it is worth to say that the language of flowers appeared in the times of romanticism. For centuries, this language was a part of the games lovers. What does the color of bouquet, which was a gift? In this issue we will try to understand. Note that this material will be useful for those people who do not know what bouquet to a friend, on a meaningful in his life date.

By the purchase of a flower, there is an opportunity to confess his feelings. However, the wrong choice bouquet or arrangement, may also lead to outrage or bewilderment by whom was meant the flowers. When choosing colors should account for all the nuances – the number of colors in the bouquet, color, combination of different varieties and so on.

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The language of flowers is a whole science. For example, such a flower as Azalea, symbolizes sadness and loneliness. Carnation white color can tell you about the credibility of the person. In turn, red carnations is a reflection of the warm relations.

Separately it is necessary to tell about the most popular colors among women rose. Yellow rose symbolizes not the sincerity of feelings. In shopping Cart "Explosion of colors"turn the red rose is a sign of a passionate relationship and feelings. Giving the man a white rose, you can tell him that you treat him well.

Among the representatives of the European peoples, it is considered that the locust is the personification of light and pure love. In turn, the key to family life, are flowers such as lilies of the valley. If you decide to give a loved gerberas, then you should know that they will bring happiness to a person. A gift of a bouquet of lilacs, signifies belonging to the first love. Therefore, lilacs should be donated only once.

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