Wedding decoration

Wedding decoration

One of the main elements is flowers that must be present at any wedding. Plants can add solemnity and festive mood to the event. Before engaging in wedding decoration in Dnipro, is necessary to determine exactly the style, colors.

Features of design

If you are already ready to begin the process of decorating, we recommend using exactly those flowers that you like. If you love only ficuses, then it is not necessary to use lilies and any other flowers. Moreover, now there are a large number of different styles in floristics.

  1. For example, the style "Rustic" is now popular. It provides that all plants are placed in jars or wooden boxes. The composition of these decorations for a wedding in the river should be included succulents and fresh field greens.
  2. Also often organize a solemn event in the style of "Chebbi-chic." In this case, use bird cages, or ceramic dishes. For flower decoration apply exclusively peonies and garden roses.
  3. If you like the style of "Provence", then you can use to decorate lanterns and wicker basket in which should be placed not only flowers, but also berries and fruits.
  4. Not everyone is ready to agree to the experiments, so we offer timeless classics - flowers in tall vases .

    Particular attention should be paid to the guest table. It also must be present floristic compositions. If you decide to arrange a wedding with the European Euro-seated guests, then it is enough to be a great composition in the center. It can be performed in an easy casual form, or rounded. The decor is raised above the table so that it does not interfere with guests to eat. The most popular way is to place flowers in a high glass vase. Thus, the composition will be perfectly visible, and will not interfere with eating.

    If all the guests sit next to each other, then it’s better to make some small compositions or large ones. The groom's table with the bride is the most important one, therefore it is recommended to highlight it especially. You can add other decorative elements to the colors that emphasize the style and theme of the event. Most importantly, remember that all plants to be used for decoration should be in harmony with the bride's bouquet. This basic rule is just necessary to follow, regardless of the budget of the event.

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