Wedding bouquet and traditions of the world

Our distant ancestors - kings and queens, when setting a wedding day, worried about flower decoration. Floral arrangements give the wedding a special atmosphere and charm. Of course, the bridal bouquet is the most important thing. And at the moment there is even a separate direction in the floristic sphere. When choosing a flower arrangement for a wedding bouquet, you need to take into account many nuances. This is the style of the wedding, seasonality, the preferences of the bride, the chosen color of the celebration, the style of the dress. A bouquet is something special, and different countries have their own characteristics and traditions for its creation.

Oriental wedding bouquet

A bride's bouquet in China should be in red, it is he who is considered a wedding. Red should also be a flower in hairstyles, dresses and decor.
In Japan, the bridal bouquet is optional, where brides use hand-painted fans. The only place where fresh flowers are used is the hairstyle.
For India wedding lotus flower. It is used for a bridal bouquet, for example, in combination with roses. And in the design of the celebration itself.

European bridal bouquet

It is believed that the fashion for wedding bouquets in Europe was introduced by Queen Victoria, a feature of her bouquet was orange tree flowers. During the years of her reign, they also began to use roses, marigold flowers. It was considered auspicious to shower the bride's path to the church with rose petals.
There was another tradition to pass a wedding bouquet to your girlfriend. They did this in order to protect the couple from the evil eye and bad thoughts.
Of course, other European countries have their own traditions:
- Orange is considered the wedding color of Spain. This color should be present in the bride's bouquet, as well as in the hairstyle, as it is considered to bring good luck.
- Greece is distinguished by its uniqueness. There they have long included spices in the bouquet. Or, for example, a bouquet of a Greek woman and orange flowers was considered a good sign. But the wedding area was decorated with ivy as a symbol of good luck, romance and prosperity.
- The Scandinavian countries consider a bouquet of herbs auspicious. There is a belief that then the spouse will be lucky.
- Myrtle wreaths were used in Austria. Myrtle as a plant was even given to young girls, and it bloomed, foreshadowing the wedding.

Wedding bouquet in America

It was from the USA that the tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet came. In ancient times, it was a whole ceremony with wishes and rituals. Currently, the bride simply passes the bouquet to the chosen girl, so as not to spoil the flowers in throwing the bouquet. Or, for originality, they organize a competition and choose the winner.

Wedding bouquet traditions in Ukraine

Our great-great-grandmothers had a ritual when the bride was blindfolded and circled in a round dance of unmarried girls. The bride stopped and passed the wedding flowers to the girl who was closest. Only then it was not a bouquet, but a wreath of traditional flowers and ears of corn as a symbol of the sun and the well-being of family life.
Currently, it is believed in the world that a wedding bouquet should consist of flowers of light shades, as a symbol of the bride's innocence and purity. But the most important thing is that you like this bouquet, and it does not matter in what shades and brightness it will be.
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