Vacation houseplant care

And now summer has come! You are going on such a long-awaited vacation. The voucher is ready, the suitcases are almost packed ... But how can the plants survive without watering for a week, or maybe two. Do not forget to think about your indoor inhabitants, and we will show you how to care for them correctly during this period.


Start preparing for your vacation early. It is best to inspect all the flowers about a month before the planned departure. If there are leaves that have begun to turn yellow, they must be removed so that the plant does not waste its energy. Also inspect the leaves and root system for parasites. Aphids or, for example, a spider mite will quickly destroy the plant during your vacation.


Check the temperature and humidity conditions in the room where the plants will be located. Perhaps, when the windows are closed, it becomes very stuffy and hot in the room. If this is your office, it may be best to take the flowers home.
 In suitable climates, pay attention to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the plants will get burned. Move them to the back of the room, but not to a very dark corner.

Watering the plant

The most difficult thing is, of course, to ensure watering. Some plants may not survive dry soil, because there are some that need moisture every day. For example, begonias and violets are very fond of moisture, but cacti, succulents can take a month without watering.
Consider the time of year. Winter is the period during which plants are watered less frequently.
Below we will describe the watering options.
- you will need a piece of fabric or yarn, one edge of which you will dip into a container of water, and the other will deepen a little into the soil of the plant.
- there are special crystals that saturate with water, in the future you will need to dig a little from the pot and the plant will receive moisture.
- spikes for watering, a great helper for a period of 7-10 days. The more the plant needs watering, the deeper you need to set the thorn.
- Everyone's favorite method is to pour the water supply into the container under the pot, but this can be detrimental to the plant. Waterlogging leads to decay of the root system, the arrival of pests and, as a result, the dryness of the flower.
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