Useful properties of flowers

Initially, flowers were in demand not in order to present them as a gift, but to get rid of this or that disease. Indeed, for a long time, the aesthetic side in human life did not play any role, and nature was a source of food and medicines.
Many scientists claim that flowers are plants with unique characteristics. They are able not only to cheer up a person and get him out of depression, but also to affect his physical condition.

The healing properties of flowers

Of course, there are a huge number of plants that can vary in size, shade, leaf shape, etc. However, we suggest considering flowers that can be purchased at any flower shop:
1. Roses have a large number of varieties, each of which has some properties. However, flowers have several medicinal properties in common. These include: elimination of stomach problems, disinfection of wounds, "muffling" of pain.
2. Chamomile. Hundreds of books have been written about the fact that the flower has a huge number of positive properties. Chamomile can act as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, and sedative. However, you should not overuse the plant, as excessive use of it can lead to dizziness and headaches.
3. Sunflower. Few people know, but this flower contains vitamins not only in the seeds, but also in the stem with the root. A decoction of these parts of the sunflower will help cure asthma and coughs. And sunflower caps are able to remove toxins from their human body.
4. Irises. Flowers are used to create perfumes and spices. However, in some countries of the world, the plant is used to create a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and blood-purifying drug.
5. Peonies. The beneficial substances of the plant are contained in the stem, as well as in the root system. Flowers are able to cope with a violation of the cycle, male impotence, insomnia and even seizures.
6. Chrysanthemums. Tea from these flowers is used in Japan and China for detoxification. The broth is able to remove all toxins and harmful substances from the body. Because of this, chrysanthemums are called long-livers and are presented to people who wish good health and well-being.
It's no secret that flowers are excellent folk "doctors". However, with excessive use, they can, on the contrary, cause damage to the body. That is why, before using plants for treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

What are the physical and magical properties of flowers?

The power of nature is not only in the chemical composition of plants, but also in their extraordinary beauty. Every year, studies are conducted in the world that examine how the emotional state, as well as the mood of a person, changes from flowers.
It was proved in one of the universities in the world that if flowers are present in people's lives for several months, they will become much more joyful and happier. At the same time, bouquets evoke much more emotions than such gifts, candles, fruits, soft toys or balls. At the same time, the good mood of the person to whom the flowers were presented lasts for several months.
Of course, nowadays few people believe in magic. But some believe that flowers are endowed with such properties. For example, orchids and roses are often used for love spells, but peonies are planted so that there is financial well-being in the house.
Of course, in flower shops, plants have fewer positive properties, as they are grown with fertilizer.
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