Top 10 ideas for romantic declarations of love!

Top 10 ideas for romantic declarations of love!

Every person who is in love is ready for a lot. Declaration of love for a man is quite a responsible, exciting and complex action. After all, the task is to surprise a loved one, but due to excitement, it is very difficult to do. It should be noted that this material will describe the widespread ideas of declarations of love, which can be rarely applied in practice, but at the same time, contain quite a good potential, romance and originality. By choosing one of the proposed ideas, as well as giving flowers for your beloved, you can surprise her.
1. The first way to declare love is public. Just imagine that it is like in romantic films, only more exciting. For example, you can invite your loved one to a restaurant and loudly so that everyone around you can hear your confession to say "I love you." The idea of ​​this recognition is that the fairer sex is very fond of when the people around them see that the feelings of their chosen one are serious. Among the main advantages of this method, it is distinguished that it is truly unusual and, at the same time, very original. In addition, such a declaration of love will not cost much.
It is worth saying that when implementing such an idea, several basic factors must be taken into account. First of all, the girl may be scared. In addition, the young man himself may be orbited during a declaration of love. However, this is quite surmountable. In addition, there is the opportunity to pre-train, tune in and in general, enter a state that will allow you to say the right words "from the heart." There are frequent cases when a person "rehearsed" some words, and as a result, in the wake of serious feelings, said completely different, but at the same time retaining the essence.
2. The second way of recognition is almost the same as the first. In this case, the young man needs to choose a more original place for recognition. In particular, it will be relevant to recognize a girl in love:
- In the mountains, where the most beautiful, romantic views.
- On the roof of a tall building.
- In front of a bonfire with a guitar, singing a song.
- During a joint parachute jump.
Among the advantages of this method of recognition, it is distinguished that it is original, romantic and unusual. However, a number of basic nuances should be taken into account. In particular, such a declaration of love may not be cheap. For example, a trip to the mountains requires some training, instructors and accompanying. The same goes for skydiving.
3. It is impossible not to say about the third, secret way of declaring love to your beloved girl. Just imagine that your love begins to receive small notes with the meaning in which your feeling lurks. However, she does not understand who exactly transmitted them. For example, you can put such a note in a mailbox, put it in a jacket pocket, and slip it under a door mat. Notes can be written with different emphasis so that a person does not guess who wrote it. An anonymous flower delivery for a girl can also be ordered, where the bouquet will contain a note with romantic recognition. It should be noted that when delivering a bouquet of flowers, the courier should not inform who exactly made the order.
As a result, after a dozen such notes have accumulated, it is necessary to inform the girl who exactly made them. Among the main advantages of this method of romantic recognition, it is distinguished that it is very unusual and original.
4. The fourth way of recognition is when you need to choose date X, for example, Valentine's Day. A month before this date, you need to start giving your beloved gifts. In this case, it is not necessary to give something worthwhile. It will be pleasant for the girl to receive every morning or evening a small gift in the form of sweets, a notebook, a pencil. Most importantly, such presentations were accompanied by an inscription about your feelings. Already on Valentine's Day or any other chosen date, you will have to give a more significant gift. A similar method is also quite original and unusual. In addition, it is romantic and will not be expensive.
5. The fifth way of recognition is that a young man gives his beloved girl gifts that he personally made. It can be small crafts, cards, dolls. Such presentations should be accompanied by acknowledgment notes. When after a while the girl tells you that someone regularly gives her handmade gifts, you need to tell her that it is you and, accordingly, admit your feelings.
6. The next way of romantic recognition, which I want to talk about, is called jewelry. In this case, we are not talking about the fact that a young man gives his beloved gold jewelry. In this case, you need to know what exactly the girl loves, what style she prefers. In addition, you need to find a master who can translate jewelry ideas into reality.
We give an example. The girl prefers steampunk. In this case, it will be relevant to give a decoration that was made in this style. It is very good if the decoration will have a cache. In the case of rings, it is not difficult to make a stash in jewelry. Among the main advantages of this method, it is distinguished by the fact that it is characterized by originality and unusualness. As experience shows, the method is quite romantic and completely inexpensive. In this case, take into account the nuance that it is far from always possible to find a suitable master. However, the unusual nature of such a romantic admission is that the young man will need to work very well.
7. A very interesting way of recognition can be called one that is called literary. It is worth noting that it is very good if the young man has a talent in the form of writing poetry. Moreover, if such a talent is not available, then you can order the writing of a verse from one of the authors or simply find it on the Internet. As a result, having spent a small amount of your time, you can learn a verse and, when meeting with your beloved girl, confess her love in poetry.
Note that the choice of verse should be approached with the maximum degree of responsibility. Otherwise, you can choose the poem, which in its semantic load is unlikely to be suitable for your tasks. As a result, at best, the beloved girl is simply surprised. At worst, she will not be able to accept your feelings.
8. The eighth way of romantic recognition for a beloved girl can be called the one that is called "fiery." Recognition will occur at night. You should take the candles and place them under the window of your girlfriend in the form of a heart or some other recognition. Waiting for twilight, it is necessary to light the sections and ask the girl to look out the window. Next you just enjoy the effect. This method is distinguished by its originality and unusualness. It must be understood that darkness and fire are always quite romantic and at the same time, it is quite accessible to every person.
A number of nuances should be taken into account. In particular, candles should not be blown out. Otherwise, the wind will very easily negate absolutely all efforts. In addition, a pause between a person lighting candles and looking at them should be minimal. In general, in this case it will be necessary to try and take into account absolutely all the nuances.
9. The ninth method, which I want to talk about, is called "culinary". Based on the name, you can already guess what it is. In this case, a young man can cook any festive dish that is unusual and, during a joint dinner, make recognition to his beloved girl. It is worth saying that today there are dozens of ways to simple dishes. For this reason, even if the young man has never cooked food, he will be able to cope with his task. The most important thing here is desire.
The very recognition in this case can be either oral or written (enclosed as the filling of the dish). It is worth saying that among the advantages of this method, its originality, romance and unusualness are distinguished.
However, there are certain nuances. In particular, it is important not to put solid objects as presents for the girl. Various rings, earrings and pendants in this case are not suitable as gifts. Even if the teeth of the fairer sex are stronger, the pendant in rice or cream will not look very aesthetically pleasing.
10. Finally, we will talk about the tenth way of declaring love, which is called regular. Strange as it may seem, this method has been forgotten by many, although very in vain, as it is effective. It must be said that however strange it may seem, but girls like to listen regularly to how someone loves them. Especially if the words of declaration of love are pronounced quite regularly and with feelings. It is worth saying that in parallel with recognition, you can give gifts. The same banal bouquet of flowers that the girl will receive regularly will allow her to experience warm and sincere feelings for the young man. Note that in case of employment at work, flower delivery for a girl can always be ordered. Thus, she will understand that despite the heavy workload, you remember about her and do not forget to make small, but at the same time quite pleasant presentations.
Good luck with your confessions!

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