To find harmony in colors

To find harmony in colors

let's talk about plants and flowers that Feng Shui endorses and with their fragrance and beauty bring to our environment, health, wealth and happiness. We will also talk about plants, which, according to Feng Shui, are taboo.

The bamboo plant is a symbol of longevity. The ideal position for the East side of your living room. If you are a doctor, you should keep a bamboo plant in the East room of expectation. This will benefit your patients.

A couple of red roses or a bouquet of nine, is well suited to the South-West corner. Rose will bring love and romance into your relationship with your spouse or partner. Internet shop flower shop will help you in choosing colors, we have the most beautiful roses in Dnepropetrovsk.

Oranges symbolize gold, so they are good for the South-Eastern sector of the zone of wealth in Feng Shui. For abundance, wealth and prosperity, grow an Orange plant.

Peach plants strengthening of the health sector, i.e. in the Eastern sector of Feng Shui. You can place a real peach plant or figurine in the East part of your living room.

Sunflowers will revive the Western sector of your living room. In Feng Shui, this sector is associated with children and creativity. For your children a bright future, keep sunflowers.

The jade plant is also associated with wealth, and therefore, must be located in the South-Eastern sector of wealth.

In the Eastern part of your living room, place a crystal bowl with petals of different colors, floating in the water. This will improve relationships between family members.

Cactus plant because of its spiky leaves, should never be stored indoors. These sheets will act as poison arrows, eliminating the opportunities that come your way.

Bonsai plant has stunted growth, so it is not considered friendly, as we all would like to increase our growth, not stunt.

Live plants or flowers are absolutely taboo in the bedroom. If you need to keep plants or flowers, they must be made of plastic or fabric. Never place dry, as these are dead, if we want life and energy in our homes and environment.

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