The real story of Valentine's Day

Every year on February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated, or as it is popularly called - Valentine's Day. The holiday is known all over the world, but few people know about its history and how it appeared. There are many theories and myths. But which one is the real one?

The real story of a famous holiday

The most common and plausible story of the holiday is that it is from the ancient Roman pagan Lupercaria - a celebration that was performed in honor of the god Luperk. The priests killed goats in mid-February and made belts from their skins. Then they walked naked around the city and whipped passers-by with belts. It was considered a good sign for girls if they fell under such a "blow". If this happened, it could be assumed that the birth would be easy, and the offspring would be large.
Already in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I banned these primitive celebrations and at the same time announced 14 February as Valentine's Day.
Interesting is the fact that there were a couple of Valentine saints. Until now, information has reached about at least 3 saints with this name, one of whom died on February 14 in captivity along with 24 Jews. Another martyr was also Roman, and the third was a bishop from Umbria. There is not so much truthful information about all the dead as it seems. That is why several myths about Saint Valentine appeared in the Middle Ages.
One of the myths said that Valentine was arrested because he wanted to renounce his faith. With the help of prayers, he managed to return the time of the jailer's daughter, for which he was released from the colony. But after a while Valentine was again accused of the same and already sentenced to death. If we consider a more romantic version of the legend, it says that the martyr, before he was executed, gave his beloved (she was blind) a note with the inscription “Your Valentine”.
Later stories began to circulate that Valentine secretly married Christian lovers, which was prohibited by the state. After all, then the ruler believed that if a man is attached to his family, then it is much harder for him to serve and defend the honor of the country.

When did they start celebrating and what are the customs of Valentine's Day?

Despite the huge number of legends, historian Jack Orach noted that the celebration of Valentine's Day began only in the 14th century in England.
There are many traditions that can still be seen during Valentine's Day celebrations. The most popular are the following:
Heart shaped cards. This is perhaps the most important attribute of the celebration. The first valentine was created in the 15th century. One of the prisoners made a postcard for his beloved and composed a poem for her, where he called her "gentle Valentine." Later, valentines began to be massively printed and produced in factories.
Heart shaped sweets. Other businesses also dreamed of making money from the holiday, so they started making heart-shaped sweets.
Bouquets. No Valentine's Day is complete without a delicate composition for the beloved. On the holiday, it is customary to present red roses, which are a symbol of love.
In some states, emotions are expressed in other ways. For example, in Denmark, snowdrops are given and anonymous letters with poetry are sent. And in Finland on Valentine's Day, it is customary to congratulate only friends, and not your soulmates. Residents of South Africa make a postcard with the image of their beloved and attach it to the sleeve of their clothes, thus demonstrating their feelings.
Valentine's Day is exactly the holiday that every couple in love is waiting for. This day is filled with extraordinary emotions and magic of love.
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