The original proposal of hand and heart

The original proposal of hand and heart

In that case if you are ready to make an offer for your favorite girl, but do not yet know how to implement this idea quite effectively and beautifully, the methods described below will certainly become relevant to you. It is worth saying that the proposed options in order to make an original proposal of marriage allow you to surprise your future spouse, hear the cherished "Yes", as well as get a lot of very pleasant experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. Methods are very diverse and allow you to choose for yourself and your future wife as comfortable as possible. After all, it is necessary to understand that not everyone can feel comfortable in public, for other people on the contrary, the situation when a proposal is made around a lot of people is a kind of incentive that gives confidence in their own abilities and capabilities.

Immediately I want to note the fact that in most cases it is very difficult for young people to make marriage proposals. In this situation, the task is to calm down and do everything as planned. It is worth saying that responsibly approaching the event, which implies a proposal for his chosen one, with a high probability everything will go very well and you will hear from the future wife "Yes".

Note that often there are situations that young people simply shy during a responsible event and all their plans are not conceived as necessary. Thus, deciding to make an offer to your girlfriend, it is recommended to approach this issue as responsibly as possible. In the eyes of future wife you must look seriously.

  1. the Proposal made on the roof of the building

In order to implement such a plan, you will need access to the roof of a multi-storey building, which offers a very good view. It should be noted that it is very desirable that the evening was warm and clear. In this case, a romantic atmosphere will be created. On the roof you need to put two chairs and a table, cover it with a beautiful tablecloth and put candles in candlesticks. It is very good to stock up on a few blankets, in case it gets cold.

Rising with his beloved on the roof, you need to sit her at the table, cover with a blanket and light candles. Initially, you need to treat the future wife dinner. Not bad if you drink a glass of champagne or wine. Then make an offer "hands and hearts".

To create a romantic atmosphere, it is recommended to choose very light dessert snacks, sweets and fruits. It is worth saying that in this case can come such as tartlets, small sandwiches, which will be ordered in advance at the restaurant or made on their own. Speaking of drinks, the ideal solution here is champagne or wine. If the girl does not drink alcohol, it is true to treat her to coffee or tea. Note that the unusual situation, together with billions of stars, located above the head of the beloved, are a great place to make a proposal of "marriage".

  1. Receiving a parcel

To implement this idea, you need to stock up on a number of attributes in advance. In particular, you will need balls that were filled with helium, champagne or wine, roses. You will also need the help of your best friends.

In a businesslike tone, warn your future spouse that the courier must deliver her a parcel from the online store at a certain time. If she will have questions related to the contents of this parcel, then it is best to say something like "I'm Sorry darling, for I will call you back".

At the appointed time, the door of the apartment where your chosen one lives will call the courier. The girl will see that the box is very big. Exactly for this and need friends, which will contribute box in apartment. Inside the unusual parcel will be you, in advance armed with a ring and flowers. By the way, buy flowers in the Dnieper is not difficult today.

  1. Idea related to the emergency meeting< / li>

To implement this idea, you will need the help of the head at work of your chosen one. In addition, you must to order a bouquet in the river, birthday cake and prepare a presentation, the slides of which will be on the label as "the Most important project in the life" and "Darling, be my wife!".

It is worth noting that the scenario for such a proposal "hands and hearts" is as follows. The chief should quickly gather all colleagues in the conference room, for example, for a meeting. Among those present should also be your chosen one. The idea implies that the girl was unexpectedly torn away from important work. She is serious and business-directing the hair. In addition, it should be ready to write down valuable instructions that will be given during such a "meeting".

Further, the head should take his word and say that " Today there should be a very important event in our company. Please read the information on the screen.". Initially, the first slide of the presentation should be started, and after the second one. While the eyes of those present will widen from surprise, in the conference hall should be. Next, you need to kneel next to a beautiful lady and make a marriage proposal. Surrounding colleagues will accompany all the action with applause, amazed laughter, congratulations, General joy and tea with a delicious cake.

  1. Picture with recognition

This idea is different in its originality, but at the same time, requires a solution of a large number of nuances. In this case, you may need permission from the administration of the art gallery, which is associated with the lease of space for the future masterpiece. In addition, it is necessary to pre-solve the issue with the agreement of the guide. Also need a picture that will depict you and your chosen one. Note that such a picture is not difficult to create. In this case, it is not necessary to order it from the artist. It is possible to create it by using art filters in Photoshop. Further, the picture is simply printed. It should be said that you will also need to take care of the placement of the printed picture in a frame that corresponds to the picture frames in the gallery. Thus, such a masterpiece should not stand out against the background of the originals. Having solved all these issues, it remains a small matter-to invite his chosen one on a tour of the art gallery.

Just imagine that together with your loved one you go through the most beautiful halls of the art gallery. In turn, the guide tells you about the history of paintings that are presented in the hall. At one point in time you stop right next to your picture and the beloved, just does not believe his eyes. Meanwhile, an employee of the gallery authoritatively declares that this canvas depicts an extraordinary couple who is known as a model of an ideal family and love that does not fade. Now the exit future spouse. You must ask the gallery staff in advance that they applauded you, thereby supporting one of the most important moments of life. In this matter, it is also important to take care in advance that was performed flower delivery in the Dnieper, so you were in all arms.

  1. Surprise being unexpected

In order to successfully implement this idea, you will need creativity, as well as your love to make loved ones unexpected surprises. Note that the proposal "hands and hearts" can be done quickly enough, but very effectively. For example, you and your significant other decided to watch a movie or series together. It is necessary to make in advance or find a video in which the main character will ask to marry him. In the end, you only need to present the ring and say the right words.

Another option for such a surprise is the one in which a person needs to choose a photo story in which there will be an unusual offer. It should be noted that you need to print joint pictures in advance, make a photo album and leave a few tabs that are not filled. Note that next you need to attach a sticker with the inscription, like " Other photos in the second album." Next, you need to get a very impressive and elegant wedding photo album, which was hidden in advance. It should be hidden on the first page and said that you would be very happy to have in this album were your common wedding pictures.

In fact, the ideas of how interesting and original to make a proposal of "marriage", today you can come up with a lot. For example, one of these is also pre-filling the trunk of the car with beautiful flowers, balloons, candy. Next, in the middle you need to put a jewelry box, which will be an engagement ring. Once you do all this, you must ask your chosen one to get something out of the trunk. You can be sure that the effect will be simply amazing.

Choosing one of the above options "hands and hearts", which was described in this material, you can be sure that your chosen one will tell you your cherished "Yes". It is worth saying that deciding to make an offer to his beloved, the most important thing is not to be afraid, try, fantasize and experiment. Letting the engagement and the upcoming family life will be filled with a lot of joyful feelings, love and happiness.

Do you remember how you made a proposal of "marriage" to his chosen one?

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