The legend of the Queen of flowers.

For anybody not a secret that a rose is one of the main plants of diverse floral world. Made a bouquet of cream roses or buds of the red color is a great solution for any holiday. To Buy roses in Dnepropetrovsk can for a date with a girl, and in honor of the birthday of a loved one. Thanks to the beauty of the buds and flowers of universality in General, they give preference to many people from all over the world. Giving a loved one roses, you can be sure that he will appreciate such a gift is appreciated.

The history of roses in Persia.

Of course, today, it is almost impossible to know when first appeared such a beautiful flower. However, there are many stories that go along with it. One of the most interesting, is the story of Persia. The people of the state truly believed that a white rose brings a man solely to God. According to the legend, during the reign of Persia, the main flower was the Lotus. He was worshiped and loved him. However, it was believed that the Lotus devotes a lot of time Persia. When all the other flowers begged to them was sent a rose of white. In the white rose and the Nightingale fell in love. After he pressed her to his breast, a rose thorn pierced his chest. Thus emerged a bright red rose.


Stories about roses of religions.

Also there is a legend that red roses appeared where Cain killed his brother Abel. In addition, there is a story that God was created and grown a white rose. At a time when the flower is kissed Eva, he was embarrassed and blushed accordingly. If you open the Quran, there will be written the history of that flower arose from the drops of sweat of the prophet Mohammed.

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