Roses and their relationship to the person

Roses and their relationship to the person

rose has the ability to soothe human suffering, anger, not only beauty but also fragrance. Washington - researchers have found that flowers, roses have soothing properties, the researchers suggest, when a person is angry, put two drops of rose oil on a tissue and inhale the scent deeply for several minutes, then calm down and relax.

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Rose water for the first time in the tenth century, began to be used as the flavored food, also means to care for skin. Used the rose petals since ancient times, especially in cases of hemorrhage in the lungs and cough, and eliminate diseases of the throat and oral cavity. Also, you can use soaked and dried petals or crushed petals fresh with a small amount of hot water, then strain the resulting liquid and mix with honey. Experts say the rose, which is made from mixing honey, useful in the treatment of diseases of the gums.

Highlighted some recent research conducted at the University of new Jersey, USA that receiving flowers makes us feel that we are better than able to communicate with people, and strengthens our commitment to the creation of social relationships and strengthens our sense of satisfaction with life in General, and most of all the flowers we receive could be to get rid of depression for a while.

In the following experiment, according to experts, were sent bouquets of flowers on 104 persons of both sexes, research has led to the fact that the flowers  improved the mood of each recipient, was confirmed in practice by subjecting each of the persons concerned to the tests after they receive flowers. The test determined that each of the recipient's increased happiness hormone.

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