Plants in the children's room

Properly selected plants for a children's room will not only create a cozy atmosphere in the room, but also provide a certain climate. Plants can collect excess moisture, dust. In addition, representatives of the flora make the air clean, gentle and pleasant.
However, it is impossible to put any flowers in the nursery. Representatives of the flora should not be dangerous to human health, they should not prick or emit pungent odors, in connection with which the child may become allergic to a particular plant.

What plants are best placed in a child's room?

As mentioned above, plants that emit oxygen are suitable for a nursery, and are also picky in terms of care. The most popular representatives of the flora include:
Aspidiastra. The plant resembles a lily, it has long leaves and is suitable for people who first began to get involved in floriculture. The flower prefers to be in the shade, so it is best kept in the northern part of the living area. Plants are not conspicuous, although it attracts attention with lush greenery. Some of the varieties may be in other shades. The plant does not need to be transplanted. In addition, a representative of the flora can grow in a pot.
Geranium. The plant is designed to disperse insects, emitting an unpleasant aroma for living creatures. Moreover, the plant emits a pleasant aroma, and also decorates the room with bright inflorescences. Geranium secretes phytoncides that fight microbes and caustic substances. However, geranium can cause an allergic reaction, so the plant is not recommended to be placed by the bed.
Hibiscus. Plant varieties can be of a wide variety of shades: pink, yellow, red. The smell isn't that strong. The plant can be up to 2 meters in size. Flower buds can fall off in a day. In order for a person to control the growth of a representative of the flora, the owner needs to prune the plant. Hibiscus is propagated through cuttings, which are immediately planted in the soil.
Hippeastrum. In room conditions, as a rule, hybrid hippeastrum is grown. Bulb-shaped perennial blooms with umbrellas. A representative of the flora must be watered regularly, but in the summer it is necessary to ensure that the plant is not overwatered. In addition, it will be interesting for a child living in a room to follow how the bulb develops. Hippeastrum has a positive effect on the nervous system, as well as the quality of sleep.
Fragrant herbs. Growing fragrant plants from seeds is not only interesting, but also useful. In house plants, you can plant basil, mint or watercress. Plants not only grow quickly, but they are also easy to care for. You can also grow lavender, which has a pleasant aroma and stabilizes sleep, making it more sound.
Kalanchoe. The plant does not emit excessive aroma. The flower is best grown on the sunny side. Kalanchoe purifies the air and also helps fight colds, which is why it is often placed in a child's room.
Also not a bad option - Arabian coffee. The tree grows in the tropics and has white fragrant inflorescences that bear red berries. In the summer, the plant needs abundant watering, as well as spraying. However, it is important not to overfill the flower. The earth must be dry. In winter, the flower needs less watering. Coffee is not recommended to be placed on the sunny side, as the leaves may turn yellow.
These are the most popular plants that are placed in nurseries. The main thing is not to plant poisonous or allergic plants that can harm the child.
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