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Our distant ancestors - kings and queens, when setting a wedding day, worried about flower decoration. Floral arrangements give the wedding a special atmosphere and charm. Of course, the bridal bouquet is the most important thing. And at the moment there is even a separate direction in the floris ..

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Dracaena is also called the “dragon tree” and there are even legends about it. For example, one of them says that a guy in love had to give his bride a deciduous branch, which turned out by some miracle from an ordinary stick. If you decide to please your home with this beautiful plant, then you ..

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Flowers for a man? .... Such surprise is caused by many with the question “Why does a man need flowers?”. In some countries it is not even customary to give a man a bouquet of flowers. But in Europe it has already become relevant and sometimes even very useful. For example, a stylish bouquet for ..

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If you want to surprise, then definitely a black rose will help you. But be careful, not everyone can appreciate it. Some consider her to be the flower of sadness and sadness. Others prefer the black rose as exotic, the flower of love, instead of the classic red rose.   Of course, br ..

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Many hostesses want to leave a piece of summer in winter, which could be better than a bouquet collected personally and dried to preserve in a vase. Dried flowers are also loved by florists, they make wonderful compositions for home and office, they complement New Year's decorations in perfect ha ..

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Just imagine that by the plants you can tell if it will rain or not and what, for example, the summer will be like. After all, there were times when the Internet and even radio did not exist. Our ancestors were based on plants, whether they have dew on them and how much they bloom. Such tips will ..

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A wonderful wedding day, so exciting and desirable! Of course, each couple has some serious organization training. And one of the first points the question arises is how to properly decorate the celebration with flowers. How will you decide on the style and selection of the flower?   ..

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At least once in our life we ​​are invited to a wedding. Of course, the first question that arises is what to give. There used to be gifts in a bidet of expensive bed linen or carpets, for example, but all this is out of date. The easiest option is to make a gift in cash, but if you still want to ..

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The most important family holiday is the wedding anniversary. The day when two hearts united for life is very important. The union of lovers is getting stronger every year and of course every time they come up with more and more different congratulations. When choosing a bouquet for a loved one, ..

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A bouquet of flowers will always remain the best expression of feelings, appreciation or just gratitude. It is easy to cheer up a dear person with a bright summer selection of colors and just show sympathy. Of course, sometimes you need to withstand the intrigue or just there is embarrassment and ..

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At a certain age, people start planning to start a family. And then you met that one. After some time, it's time to make a marriage proposal. This is a particularly exciting moment for every girl. Of course I want to make it unforgettable. Surely you have already gone through many options, and ev ..

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8 most popular mom colors ..

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Carnations: everything you need to know ..

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What flowers to buy in the summer? ..

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Houseplants are a must have in every home. They will make your comfort more favorable, saturate the air with oxygen and fill us with pleasant emotions.       Your well-being     Yes, so beautiful plants can help harmonize your home and fill it ..

Date: 11/06/2021 Full Article

How to grow hydrangea in the garden? ..

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Everything about avocado     Avocado lives in tropical countries and reaches 25 meters in height, quite a powerful tree. And of course it is difficult to imagine growing such a tree at home, but anything is possible. This tropical plant adapts fairly well to home conditions ..

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All about peonies     The most fashionable flower in the world is the peony. He won the hearts of many, even in the vastness of instagram on the hashtag #peonies 3 million publications. Peony flower is refined, stylish, romantic. And in bright colors, even a little cocky. Wh ..

Date: 08/06/2021 Full Article

All about daisies     Chamomile is probably the most positive flower in our area, which does not carry any negative meaning at all. It comes in different varieties, for example there is a medicinal chamomile which is used for medicinal purposes. Field chamomile is also popul ..

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Where to buy a bridal bouquet?     A wedding is one of the most unforgettable events in life. And of course, she should be perfect as well as the image of the bride, subtly emphasizing with a bouquet according to the latest fashion trends. Of course, as in everything, new tr ..

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Cactus care     The birthplace of this thorny but such an unusual plant is Mexico. The sun there is bright and warm all year round, so it is better to choose southern windows for living. He will be happy with direct sunlight. In the summer, the plant can even be taken outsid ..

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Cut flower care tips   Our simple tips will help keep your floral arrangement fresh. It is very important to know about the proper care of the bouquet, because sometimes it is very frustrating for a faded bouquet after one day.   8 points of care for a bouquet of flowers ..

Date: 04/06/2021 Full Article

How to care for an orchid     This exotic flower is not capricious enough and therefore is so much loved as a house plant. It can live both on a room chamber and on a windowsill. The main thing is to shade the phalaenopsis from direct sunlight if the flower is located on the ..

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Winter bouquet     In winter, bouquets acquire their own charm, the composition of the bouquets becomes very diverse, spruce branches, cones, toys, tangerines are often added to them. The smell of such a bouquet becomes festive, and it can perfectly cheer you up, so if you w ..

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Flower delivery in Dnipro on March 8 On the eve of the holiday on March 8, many men think about the question of what to give their girls, mothers, sisters and, of course, colleagues at work. It is worth noting that this issue is quite complex, especially if we assume that a significant part ..

Date: 03/02/2021 Full Article

It's no secret that the closest person to each of us is mom. It is for this reason that if mom soon has a birthday, it is extremely important to congratulate her in such a way that she can fully appreciate all your love and care. Regardless of what kind of gift you choose for your mother, yo ..

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A hat box is an original way to decorate a bouquet. The compositions look gorgeous and are capable of causing genuine delight. If you are lucky enough to receive such a luxurious present, so that it pleases as long as possible, you need to provide it with proper care.     ..

Date: 22/10/2020 Full Article

If you choose a bouquet of flowers for a lawyer as a holiday present, you should take into account the preferences of the recipient, the appropriateness of such a gift. Visit a decent florist salon with experienced professionals. They will help you put together a complete composition tha ..

Date: 07/10/2020 Full Article

A lot really depends on how the first date goes. It is this that allows you to form an initial idea of ​​each other and make a decision about the need for a second meeting and even subsequent relationships.     It is clear that the general impression is made up of trifl ..

Date: 17/09/2020 Full Article

Ask any person which flower comes to mind first. Without any hesitation, it will be a rose, because this is one of the most majestic and beautiful flowers, and you will not be able to find similar ones. These flowers can tell a lot to a person. With their help, for hundreds of years, people ..

Date: 19/07/2020 Full Article

Flowers for Mom If you want to please your mom on a special occasion and do not know how to do it, then buying flowers would be a great option. Such a present can be given in addition to the main gift. However, the choice of colors is very large and because of this it can be difficult to dec ..

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The first of September is a significant day for first graders and their parents. The day when a child first goes to school should go perfectly and without problems. For everything to go as planned, you need to carefully prepare. Preparation begins a few weeks before an important date. Prepar ..

Date: 28/03/2020 Full Article

If a difficult time has come in a relationship and you don’t know how to get everything back, then you should start from the very beginning!   Remember how your relationship began. The candy period was full of romance and it was the best time. Why not bring romance back into your rel ..

Date: 20/03/2020 Full Article

Selection of a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers is not a simple process, as it might seem at first glance. This is especially difficult when you do not know about the taste preferences of the recipient. Therefore, many are wondering how not to miscalculate with the choice and which bouque ..

Date: 15/03/2020 Full Article

          March 8 is one of the most favorite days of the year every woman. In the international women's day, every woman must accept congratulations. Of course, such an important holiday can not do without gifts. However, regardless of what the gift was presented to the ..

Date: 29/02/2020 Full Article

Who said men are not given flowers? Many have always believed that flowers are a gift exclusively for women, but this is just a very common myth. Many men also like to receive bouquets as a gift, so a luxurious bouquet of flowers can be a pretty good addition to the main gift. To in this cas ..

Date: 12/02/2020 Full Article

Handmade soap has long gained relevance. But what do you think of soap colors? Undoubtedly, such a bouquet of flowers will be a pleasant enough gift that will certainly surprise the recipient. To mold flowers from soap is easy enough and this work is very pleasant. To whom it may seem at first gl ..

Date: 12/02/2020 Full Article

In that case if you are ready to make an offer for your favorite girl, but do not yet know how to implement this idea quite effectively and beautifully, the methods described below will certainly become relevant to you. It is worth saying that the proposed options in order to make an original pro ..

Date: 06/09/2019 Full Article

Every person who is in love is ready for a lot. Declaration of love for a man is quite a responsible, exciting and complex action. After all, the task is to surprise a loved one, but due to excitement, it is very difficult to do. It should be noted that this material will describe the widespread ..

Date: 04/09/2019 Full Article

Despite the fact that men belong to the stronger sex, they like women like to receive gifts. Moreover, sometimes they like to receive presents even more often than the fairer sex. It should be noted that there is also an opinion that giving flowers to men is not right. It would seem - why? The an ..

Date: 15/08/2019 Full Article

Each of us was faced with the need to urgently buy bouquets of flowers or a composition of flower plants. It would seem that what is difficult - you just need to visit a flower shop and choose the bouquet of interest. In this case, there are situations when a person simply does not have time to v ..

Date: 14/07/2019 Full Article

In the summer. Like any other plants, indoor flowers rather actively begin to develop. That is why in this season they need special attention. The owner must regularly monitor their condition, water it in a timely manner and follow all the necessary rules of care. But besides this, there are sti ..

Date: 23/01/2019 Full Article

One of the most beautiful and non-binding gifts are flowers. They can be presented to relatives, beloved woman, leadership, etc. The bouquet symbolizes attention and desire to demonstrate their attitude to a person. But it is worth remembering that the trends in floristics also do not stand stil ..

Date: 22/01/2019 Full Article


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