Composition "Mosaics"

Price: 1 425 грн.
Buy the composition "Mosaic" in the Dnipro with free delivery to your home or office! ❤️ A chic combination of red and white roses in a square box will impress any girl! A very restrained and at the same time incredibly beautiful composition will suit any occasion.
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Shipping in the night time (from 21.00 till 9.00), Dnipro - 100 UAH.
This product we ship from 3 hours.

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1 102 грн.
1 102 грн.
Ingredients: Chrysanthemum (11 pieces)
Bought: 361 person(s)
Delivery: 1 day
1 425 грн.
1 425 грн.
Ingredients: Rose red
Qty: 25 pieces
Bought: 281 person(s)
Delivery: 3 hours
1 425 грн.
1 425 грн.
Ingredients: Rose white
Qty: 25 pieces
Bought: 62 person(s)
Delivery: 3 hours
2 124 грн.
2 124 грн.
Ingredients: Rose mix
Qty: 49 pieces
Bought: 94 person(s)
Delivery: 3 hours
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