Mandala - Flower of life, wish-fulfilling

A special pattern painted in the form of a flower called a mandala or flower of life is considered magical. Heals your soul and body, possessing special energy, he even grants wishes.

Mandala - what is it?

Mandal is a circle in Sanskrit. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that it looks like a created geometric figure consisting of circles. Originally mandalas from Judaism and Buddhism. Each circle has its own designation, so, for example, the inner circle symbolizes the pantheon of deities, and the inner whole world.
A mandala pattern is painted on the body or as a decoration for clothing, medallions are made with this flower and simply painted on the wall. The color variation can be different, the most important thing is from the heart. Since this magical flower helps in meditation and fills with energy.


This is a very ancient drawing and its meaning in ancient Egypt is not reliably known, but there is a myth that the creator of the mandala is the god Ra. The symbol has existed for many centuries and each nation has put something of its own in it. The flower of life can mean love, hope, passion and prosperity. It all depends in what style the creator draws it. Anyone can be inspired and draw their mandala, drawing the magic of feelings from their own soul.

Application of the flower of life

Try drawing a mandala to decorate your home. Take a piece of paper, a cup of aromatic tea and imagine patterns, leaves or flowers. It is possible to add a scattering of bitmap. And you will not notice how the inner world begins to come into a pleasant, relaxed state of balance. Perhaps decorating the interior with a pattern - pillows, paintings, dishes and even furniture can concisely enter such a pattern.
Your positive vibrations will be heard by the universe and will open the way to energetic filling of the soul and body.

What do flower mandalas mean?

- The queen of flowers is a rose, of course it symbolizes love. But in the mandalas she is portrayed white, as the most innocent and purest. By choosing such a symbol, you can feel more subtle vibrations and become more sensitive.
- Dahlia in pink shades will help you fall in love with yourself and see life in new colors.
- Lily is also portrayed as snow-white. Helps you make the right decision and see new paths.
- If you need inspiration and determination, a bright, orange chrysanthemum will inspire you.
- Believe in the good, there is always a solution and you can see the bright path - a beautiful picture of a daffodil will help with this.
- Our spring dandelion will add faith and determination to accept this or that situation.
- Spirituality is of course a lotus. It has long been considered something magical. It will help enlightenment and positive, real thinking.
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