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Thanks to indoor flowers, you can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Plants can fit into both the workplace in the office and the bachelor's apartment. Representatives of the flora are able to personify life and fill the owner of the plant with vital energy.
It is important that the flower not only fits into the interior of the room, but also complements it. Of course, plants need care and can be quite whimsical. But when it comes to the types of flowers for men, they are generally pretty easy to care for. Such plants are able to quickly adapt to new conditions and grow without any "failures". Some representatives of the flora can bloom all year round. The main difference between male and female plants is that they represent strength and courage. But female plants, on the contrary, are gentle and refined.

TOP plants that should grow in a bachelor's apartment

There are a number of colors that are not picky in care, which is why most men prefer them. Such representatives of the flora include:

1. Anthurium, which is considered a truly "male" flower. As a rule, the plant is presented as a gift at work to friends and colleagues. The flower is able to personify harmony, passion and courage. The plant has large leaves and variegated inflorescences. Anthurium is not recommended to be placed near heaters or radiators. The plant prefers cold temperatures.

2. Bamboo. The plant is quite hardy and resistant. It is a symbol of financial well-being, as well as career growth, so it is often presented as a gift. The plant is not only unpretentious in care, but also fits into any interior design. A representative of the flora can reach a height of up to 1 meter, while it remains evergreen throughout the entire time. As for flowering, inflorescences on bamboo appear occasionally. If they are present, then their size is quite small. It is recommended to grow the plant in water, not in soil. Fluid is recommended to be changed weekly. And once every 3 months, nutrients must be added to the water, which will stimulate the growth of bamboo.

3. Cacti. This representative of the flora is considered a great gift for a man. In the summer, the plant needs a fairly plentiful watering, but in the cold, the flower can not be disturbed. Planting a cactus should be done in loose soil, which easily passes water and air. In the event of a plant overflow, it may begin to rot, which will lead to the death of the cactus. To do this, it is recommended to pay attention to the drainage layer of the plant.

4. Aloe can be used not only for decorative purposes, but also as a medicine. The plant is able to stabilize the acid-base balance, which will get rid of toxins and stabilize digestion. One of the most popular mistakes that can be observed during the cultivation of a plant is the abundant watering of a flower in winter. This can lead to the death of the plant, as the substrate can turn sour, which will contribute to the decay of the root system.

5. Succulents that have dimensional and juicy leaves in which moisture accumulates. This allows the plants to grow even if they have not been watered for a long time.
It is necessary to select plants for a man based on his preferences. After all, there are representatives of the stronger sex who are ready to take care of flowers and give them all their love. However, the above representatives of the flora can be attributed to the most courageous and resistant plants.
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