What flowers should you choose for your first date?

A lot really depends on how the first date goes. It is this that allows you to form an initial idea of ​​each other and make a decision about the need for a second meeting and even subsequent relationships.
It is clear that the general impression is made up of trifles, and therefore such a nuance as a bouquet of flowers from the side of the stronger sex will definitely not be superfluous. He will also have a certain influence on the outcome of the meeting. Is it really possible to get the location of a girl on a first date using a bouquet of flowers as a kind of "tool"?
A small cute flower arrangement is an opportunity to make a kind of compliment to a potential darling, thus showing sympathy and disposition. However, for the first time, you should refuse from a luxurious and lush bouquet, since such gifts put girls in an awkward position. A small romantic and cute bouquet is ideal for a first date, much more attention should be paid to details when planning to order flower delivery.
When choosing a suitable flower arrangement, you need to take into account the conditions of a future meeting: how comfortable it will be for a girl to walk with a bouquet for several hours - ideally, so that the flowers do not wilted until the evening, they need to be put somewhere or immediately purchased in a special box, ideal to accommodate living plants. This option fits easily into a gift bag, and a moistened floral sponge prevents plants from dying.

What flowers are worth picking for a first date
If we consider this issue from the point of view of floristry, then the best flowers for such an event are daisies, roses, orchids, tulips or lilacs.
Rose is considered a versatile option for meeting a woman. If it takes place for the first time, then it is better to opt for white or pink buds. If a date is planned in the spring, then tulips or daisies can also be a great option, as these flowers are a symbol of trust and purity. Orchids are able to amaze any woman with their exotic shape and beauty, it is enough to purchase a composition of these flowers for a first date in order to demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions.
Lilacs are considered to be one of the brightest plants, especially when it comes to pink color. Such a bouquet always remains fresh and creates a relaxed mood.
How to choose an original bouquet for a first date
It is on the first date that it is best to declare yourself as a creative person and quite creative. That is why many men prefer to replace flowers with a bouquet of fruits or sweets - today they are no less in demand. Such a gift will appeal to romantic and practical people. The advantages of this solution are obvious: the bouquet will not fade, it can be used as a dessert, it is inexpensive and demonstrates the giver from the creative side.
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