How to grow tulips

How to grow tulips

Tulips are one of the most popular bulbous plants. Their beautiful colors pleasing to our gardens in the spring, they should be planted in autumn.
Buying Tulip bulbs, we choose those that most large size, healthy, firm, without cracks and mechanical damage. Should not buy the bulbs are soft, discolored, stained, lacking scales or dry, with traces of damage by pests and diseases (mainly mold and rot). We should not choose bulbs with raised leaves or visible small roots.

The bulbs are best planted immediately after purchase, too long storage may in fact lead to dryness. However, if you want a detention, because the bulbs you bought too early, we put them in a container, sprinkling sand, sawdust or dry peat and put in a cold cellar.

Tulips grow best in full sun in fertile, moist, very compact soil mixed with compost or peat, with a neutral ph. Avoid heavy clay soils and wetlands. Before planting the soil is charged with mineral fertilizer (at a dose of about 50 g/m2).


The best time for planting tulips is the period between 20 September and 20 October. Tulips are planted at a depth equal to 2-3 levels of the height of the bulb. Recommended planting bulbs in a specially constructed for this purpose plastic basket – scalloped sides and bottom provide runoff of excess water, protect the bulbs from rodents and facilitate the extraction of the bulbs out of the ground in the summer.
For the winter they should be protected by covering with bark, peat, straw, twigs of spruce or pine. This will effectively protect the soil not only from the deep freeze, but drying. Spruce and remove the straw in spring, while the thin layer of bark and peat, we can leave for the spring and summer. If in the preparation of the soil, no fertilizers are used multiple, fill the plants immediately after the growth and after flowering. Thus, we obtain large flowers and large follicles.

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After flowering tulips should be tearing it balances the colors. After drying of the leaves, the bulbs should be dug, cleaned, dry out and store in a dry and cool place. We must not forget the view of the roots and dropping them with visible mould or rot. Bulbs left in the ground will bloom next year and beyond, but the flowers will become thinner and will significantly increase the density of plants.

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