How to dry flowers: two simple ways

in order to preserve the memories of any pleasant moments of your life, there are many different ways. As you know, on every important occasion in a person's life are welcomed with flowers. To preserve the memories of the holiday, donated a floral arrangement or wedding bouquet can be dried. Today, there are two very simple ways to accomplish the drying of colors. Some common methods of drying plants and flowers release:

air drying;

- drying in a microwave oven.

First of all, I would like to tell you about some facts, which allows for drying flowers. If we are talking about air drying, it is recommended to use bouquets of dense flowers. In this case, suitable roses and lavender. If drying is carried out chrysanthemums, tulips or gerberas, they must be dried in a microwave oven. Flowers such as lilies, it is recommended to dry with the aid of pressure. Placing the Lily petals between the pages of the book, after a certain time they will dry up. 

Talk more about air drying and drying in a microwave oven. In order to carry out the drying of flowers outdoors, you won't need any special knowledge and skills. This method was used several centuries ago. When performing the drying air must be removed from the flower superfluous and damaged foliage. In turn, the stems should be trimmed to the desired length. To the color of the plants was unaltered, it is necessary to place them away from sunlight. Air drying should be carried out in a dark room, with excellent ventilation.

As for drying flowers using a microwave oven, in this case, you must pre-purchase a special silica gel. Buy silica gel can be carried out in a special shop. The gel, there is a possibility not only to ensure the process does not absorb moisture and maintain the shape of flowers. For drying, flowers should be placed in the container, previously put on the bottom of the silica gel. After 3-5 minutes of finding flowers in the microwave, they will become dry.

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