How to care for flowers on hot days?

In the summer. Like any other plants, indoor flowers rather actively begin to develop. That is why in this season they need special attention. The owner must regularly monitor their condition, water it in a timely manner and follow all the necessary rules of care. But besides this, there are still a number of rules, how to care for flowers in the heat.

Watering indoor flowers

During warm summer days, evaporation increases significantly, respectively, the earth very quickly becomes dry. If the plant will experience a lack of moisture, there will be a failure in the circulation of nutrients. In addition, rare watering plants can lead to inhibition or complete arrest of flower development. In the most difficult situations, the lack of moisture in general can be the main cause of plant death.

But it is worth remembering that the amount of fluid required in the summer, may change significantly. It all depends directly on the conditions in which the flower "lives". If it is very hot outside and the temperature rises above +30 degrees, you will need to water the plants once a day or even several. But as soon as the temperature subsided due to rains, then much less water would be needed. Basically, all home plants themselves demonstrate when they need moisture. Just look at the state of the soil in the pot. We recommend using exclusively distilled water for irrigation, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the plant. Today, automatic irrigation systems are especially popular. It is very convenient, the plants will use water independently, even if you missing some time at home.

Caring for flowers in summer should also include the following actions:

  • feeding;
  • spraying;
  • garter and trim;
  • pest control.

    We recommend feeding plants with special fertilizers, which include potassium-phosphorus elements. After such feeding, most of the flowers release new leaves and flowers. If you notice such updates, continue to feed, but replace the tool with the one in which nitrogen elements are present.

    In the summer, do not forget about the pests, because at this time they behave as actively as possible. Therefore, we recommend regularly to check if they are bred in the pot of your flower. If you notice the appearance of such pests, immediately buy an insecticide and treat your "householder".

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