How to care for flowers in a box?

A hat box is an original way to decorate a bouquet. The compositions look gorgeous and are capable of causing genuine delight. If you are lucky enough to receive such a luxurious present, so that it pleases as long as possible, you need to provide it with proper care.
When you are at the donor's place and are interested in finding such a bouquet, we suggest buying flowers in a box in Dnipro. This can be done in the Flower-shop online store.
A few simple rules of care
A bouquet in a hat box will delight you with its beauty for a long time, if you work a little over its safety. For this you need:
- change the water in a sponge or a plastic vase more often (the sponge can be poured from a watering can, it is convenient to pour liquid into a vase without removing it from the box);
- well spray the leaves of plants and their buds (it is also recommended to wipe the dust);
- gently remove dried leaves;
- store the composition in a cool place away from direct sunlight (ice is sometimes added to the water for roses presented in a hat box to keep the freshness of the buds longer);
- water the flowers with a special nutrient solution.
With proper care, the bouquet will last as long as possible, but it will still wither one day. After that, do not rush to throw away the entire composition - leave the hatbox, its floral sponge or pallet. Next time you get a regular bouquet (or buy it yourself), you can place it in a decorative container to enjoy the beauty again.
What not to do
Sometimes you can hear the advice that the stems of flowers should be taken out of the floral sponge and cut daily. But such actions can get the opposite effect - the plants will not be fresh, but will begin to wither.
Also, you can not irrigate the leaves with cold tap water, substituting them directly under the tap. For this purpose, only a settled liquid at room temperature (such as used for watering plants in pots) is suitable.

The rules for caring for plants in a hat box of any shape are the same. It can be round, square, heart-shaped, etc.
Order flowers with delivery
If you need flowers in a box in Dnipro, you can order them online. After that the florists of the Flower-shop will create a beautiful composition and hand it over to the courier. He will bring a luxurious bouquet at a predetermined time to the right address. The freshness and flawless appearance of flower arrangements are guaranteed.
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