Fragrances and their flowers

What flowers to plant in the yard so that it smells delicious? A lot of flowers immediately pop up in my head, which have an amazing scent. The following plants can make the yard "tasty": heliotrope, alissum, mattiola, pelargonium, lavender, lily of the valley, hyacinth, gardenia, rose, lilac and jasmine. In addition, these flowers not only have an excellent aroma, but also an attractive appearance.

What scent comes from flowers?


Each plant has its own aroma, which can be both delicate and harsh. We propose to consider the aromas of the flowers most demanded on the site:
Heliotrope. The scent of small purple flowers is similar to almonds or cherry pie. The plant prefers to grow in the shade, but it also blooms during the hot summer. The heliotrope blooms throughout the summer. Its inflorescences are bright and catchy.
Alyssum is fragrant. The name itself suggests that the plant has an enchanting scent. Miniature flowers have a sweetish scent. In addition, the flowers are not whimsical, they can be planted anywhere. The plant has been blooming for many years.
Mattiola. The plants have a pleasant mustard aroma with delicate and spicy notes. Mattiola not only blooms for a long time, but also stands in a vase for a long time. Imagine how beautiful a flower bed of purple, white, yellow or red mattiola will be.
Fragrant pelargonium. These plants not only attract with their appearance, but also with their aroma. The peculiarity of the plant is that the leaves also have a smell. Try rubbing them in your hands and you can smell apricot, apple, lemon, mint and even strawberry. Typically, the scent of the leaves depends on the type of flower.
Lavender. Almost everyone knows about the smell of this flower. Essential oils are made from the plant, which not only relax, but also calm a person. However, growing lavender is not as easy as it seems at first glance. She is quite finicky and thermophilic.
Lilies of the valley. The flowers have a bright and pronounced aroma of spring. There is no need to take care of the flowers, moreover, they grow on their own. However, it is not recommended that large bouquets of flowers stand indoors as they can cause dizziness and headaches.
Hyacinth. Tulips are considered the most popular spring flowers, but even their beauty cannot interrupt the amazing scent of hyacinth. The aroma of flowers is rather sweet and "warm". It spreads throughout the site.
Gardenia. The flower is often referred to as a jasmine variety because of its great scent. The only drawback of flowers is that they love warmth, which makes them impossible to grow in open soil. However, at home, the flower will smell just as amazing.
Roses. In what garden do these wonderful plants symbolizing love not bloom? Among all plant varieties, those with enchanting aromas of musk, anise or sweet fruits are in demand. In addition, flowers are popular due to the fact that they are able to fit into any composition.
Lilac. There is no need to praise the scent of lilacs, as everyone knows how small flowers smell. It is not for nothing that butterflies often fly around the plant, enjoying the enchanting aroma. However, it is necessary to plant the plant in a warm place.
There are also other plants that have a distinct aroma. It is not necessary for the flowers to emit a pungent odor to attract a person's attention. They can be gentle and “warm”. Plus, the fragrant flowers are usually pretty.
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