Florarium - a fabulous house in miniature

Planters for flowers of standard sizes are not always combined with interior design. That is why many prefer the florarium. This is a decorative container in which a living composition with a certain history is placed, due to which such an idea seems quite original and interesting.

A florarium is a kind of vessel in which living organisms can be placed for their breeding. It is not recommended to place insects or animals in the container. Florarium is intended only for plants.

What types of florariums exist?

There are many types of florariums, which can vary in:
  1. Size. The vessel can be large or tiny, when the container fits even in the palm of your hand.

  2. Form. Florariums can be in the form of a ball, rectangle, glass, bottle, teapot and other geometric shapes or objects that are used at home.

  3. Location. The vessel can be located both on the table and on the wall, floor or even in furniture.

The main advantage of such a unique product is that the owner of the vessel can observe the life taking place in the "walls" of the vessel. Therefore, many prefer glass and transparent containers.

The florarium is a rather expensive pleasure, but nevertheless, it is already in demand. The advantage of such a vessel is that there is no need to take care of the plants that sprout outside the walls of the vessel. The only thing that needs to be done is to place the vessel in the place where the vegetation will feel great. Plants can be varied, both large and small. They must be selected depending on the size of the vessel.
Of course, it is unrealistic to place coniferous and desert plants in the same container, since they need different conditions and special care. That is why there are several types of florariums.
Dry models are in demand. It is easy to take care of such vessels. In addition, inside them you can create a variety of landscape sketches. The range of plants that can be planted in a dry florarium is quite wide. Here you can place: astrophytum, resembling a star, echinopsis, mammillaria, rebutia. Also, cacti are often placed in the vessel. Dry florariums are usually made open, as desert plants need fresh air. As for the size and shape of the vessel, containers can be very diverse. Vessels are:
  1. various geometric shapes;

  2. in the form of household items - glasses, glasses, plates, pots;

  3. hemispheres or aquariums made of glass;

  4. wooden box;

  5. flowerpot made of ceramic or stone material.

You can make the composition unique and exclusive with the help of decorations that can be placed in the florarium. These can be houses, benches, animals, fish, figurines, etc.
Wet florarims or, as they are also called tropical, are designed to imitate selva, jungle or equatorial forests. Under natural conditions of stay, in these places, as a rule, there is a lot of precipitation, so the plants need moisture.
In addition, representatives of the flora are rather capricious, and also sensitive to light and heat. The most popular representatives of tropical plants include: orchid, cryptanthus, selaginella, etc. To protect plants from external irritants, the container is usually made closed. In this case, ventilation is carried out using special structures, or the owner of the florarium can occasionally open it for ventilation.


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