Father's Day Bouquet for Dad

For a child to be born, it is necessary that a man and a woman make their own efforts. For a baby to grow up honest, kind and just, he also needs the care of both parents.
Mother's Day is considered a standard and ordinary holiday for us, which everyone knows about. On this day, it is customary to give flowers and postcards that were made by hand. However, few people know that there is such a holiday as Father's Day.
Unfortunately, there is no official date for the holiday, but the children never cease to delight their dads and thank them for having them. But what bouquet can you give your father for a holiday?

How is Father's Day celebrated?

Unfortunately, there is no set date when it is necessary to congratulate the dads. In each country, region and even region, a certain day may be allocated for this.
However, the third Sunday in June is considered Father's Day in many European countries, so many people prefer to congratulate their dads on this day. And this is a great idea, as there are many flowers in the summer that can be placed in a unique arrangement and presented to your father.
What is the best bouquet of flowers to present to dad?
Flowers are an original and practical gift suitable for all occasions. It is not necessary to give it to ladies, men can also be presented with a luxurious bouquet. The most popular colors that are used to create a composition for dad include:
Roses. These flowers are usually presented on Father's Day in America. We associate a bouquet with femininity. However, if you take flowers with a long stem and large buds, the shade of which is burgundy or deeply scarlet, then the composition can be presented to a man.
Anthurium, strelitzia, heliconia, cymbidium. Tropical plants look great in a bouquet. The composition will look not only elegant, but also slightly bold. Namely, this is what a real man needs.
Gladioli. Flowers are associated with respect, masculinity and love. That is why they are so often given to men. In this case, it is necessary to take a closer look at the shades "pluck out your eyes". It can be orange, yellow, purple and even burgundy flowers.
Irises. For the first time, these flowers began to be given in the East, as they are associated with fearlessness and courage. That is why many people think that this is the perfect man's gift. Moreover, irises have a rather dark palette of shades.
Before giving a bouquet to dad, you need to choose the right one. To do this, it is recommended to contact florists who will help you collect a real man's bouquet.

What can be a man's bouquet?

Do not want to "break" your head about which bouquet to present to your dad on Father's Day. Then check out the list of bouquets, thanks to which the festive mood of your loved ones will be guaranteed. These include:
15 blue roses. The buds of the composition have a sky-blue tint, and the kraft paper, which contains the flowers themselves, is rich, which makes the bouquet rather rough and masculine.
15 stems of iris. If you want the bouquet to be much more luxuriant, you can take 35 stems.
A bouquet of gerberas, chrysanthemums or sunflowers. With the right combination of the color palette, the composition will look like summer. All these flowers are associated with joy, kindness, courage and love of life.
Many people think that presenting bouquets to men is not tactful, but these are all stereotypes. After all, dad will be pleased to receive a masculine composition from his child. In addition, it will delight the eyes of the recipient for a long time and remind him of a beautiful and sunny summer day.
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