Easter: superstitions and omens

Easter: superstitions and omens

With the onset of spring, almost everyone is waiting for the glorious feast of Easter. From almost every apartment and house spreads the smell of cakes. In turn, Easter decor, allows you to fully experience the upcoming holiday.

Among our compatriots, this great holiday is associated with many traditions and superstitions. Paska and Pysanka are only a part of all attributes that can be used on this day. Our forefathers in the day of Christ's Resurrection performed certain rituals that were supposed to bring to the house of health, happiness and prosperity. What are traditions and superstitions on this day? This will be explained in this material.

One of the rituals is to strike the bell on Easter. At this point you need to ask for health family and home world. As you know, this Holy holiday, jingle bells has a special power. If the bell will hit the single girl, she may ask the Almighty to marry well.

Also there is a tradition, when near the icons is a honey pot. At Easter it is necessary to remember all the relatives and friends, who already died. After the holiday passes, the pot should be given to the cemetery.

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In a sign of freedom, our ancestors were released on this day birds. At this point, they made a wish which will come true in the next year. After celebrating Easter, you need to save the remains of the Paschal candles. In this case, they can be a talisman of your home from fire and curses your family members.

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