Dracaena care

Dracaena is also called the “dragon tree” and there are even legends about it. For example, one of them says that a guy in love had to give his bride a deciduous branch, which turned out by some miracle from an ordinary stick. If you decide to please your home with this beautiful plant, then you will have to try as in the legend. But your work will be justified.

Location in the house

For the green color of the leaves, a well-lit place is best suited, but without direct sunlight, so that there are no burns. Leafy greens can live in a slightly darkened room. But the leaves with a colored color will lose their brightness without the necessary lighting.
In summer, the temperature is ideal from +20 to +30 degrees. In cold seasons + 16 / + 18 degrees. Dracaena does not like the heat from home batteries; it is better to protect them from the direct flow of heated air. Always remember that sudden changes in temperature or drafts can cause foliage to fall off.

Watering dracaena

Water must be prepared and settled in advance, both filtered and boiled will do. Dracaena does not need to be poured heavily. Make sure that the soil is a little dry. Watering is needed classic, from above. For an even distribution of moisture. Drain excess liquid from the pan 15 minutes after watering.
The plant is very fond of wet foliage. Spray it with warm water or wipe the leaves with a soft, damp cloth. In dracaena with large foliage, do not allow water to stagnate in the outlets after spraying, gently blot it with a cloth.
During winter, when the air is drier due to the heating of the batteries, spray the plant a couple of times a week.

Plant transplant

After purchasing dracaena, it takes about two weeks for her to adapt. From the peat soil in which the plant is sold, since it is convenient for transportation in this form, it is necessary to transplant it. The plant must be replanted annually up to the age of five. An adult dracaena every two, three years. Depending on the growth of the root system, As soon as the roots are closely repotted. The favorable period is spring and summer.

Choosing a pot for dracaena

Due to the root system of the dracaena, it needs a pot that is tall and not too wide. The width is about a couple of centimeters larger than the previous one.


Dracaena will definitely need drainage to the bottom of the pot so that the roots do not rot. The primer is suitable for palms, it is already with suitable baking powder in the composition.


When replacing the soil for the first time, the soil should be shaken off from the roots as much as possible, but only very carefully, do not be zealous. When replanting again, just shake off the soil a little, taking the dracaena from the pot and place it in a new one, adding an earthen mixture.
Fertilize dracaena in late summer for a month, every two weeks. The composition is suitable for universal and complex.
The main rules for caring for dracaena:
-Good lighting without direct sunlight.
-Keep away from drafts.
- Strong temperature drops are negative.
-The soil is dry - you can water it.
-Leaves don't like dust.
- The heat and the air is dry - it's time to spray.
-Transplant when the roots require it.
-The beginning of autumn is the time to fertilize.
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