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At all times, flowers were an indispensable companion who accompanied the people during various special events or meetings. Besides, the flowers are a guide in any love story. Thanks to them, people's attitudes become sublime and beautiful. When you need to purchase flowers, everyone wants them to be not only very beautiful and nice smelling, but also available for purchase. Your attention is invited to flower online store Flower-shop working in Dnipro. Always fresh and beautiful flowers, as well as the professionalism of florists allows us to be among the best in the city.


The principle of our work is rather simple. First of all, we aim to fully meet the preferences of even the most demanding customer. Our store offers delivery of floral bouquets and arrangements at the city of Dnepr and Dnepropetrovsk region any day of the week and at any time of the day. The flowers will be implemented in the shortest possible time or within a predetermined time. Thus, the client is guaranteed to receive fresh flowers.


Flowers delivery to Dnepr and region:


- in the daytime, the price of delivery of flowers to Dnepr is absolutely free;


- the cost for delivery of flowers in one of the towns in Dnipropetrovsk region is from 100 UAH;


   ● Krasnopolye - 70 UAH,
   ● Pridneprovsk - 80 UAH,
   ● Igren - 100 UAH,
   ● Starie Kodaki - 100 UAH,
   ● Podgorodnoe - UAH 100,
   ● Kirovskoe - 100 UAH,
   ● Taramskoe - 100 UAH,
   ● Dievka 2 - 80 UAH
   ● Zhapadniu- 80 UAH
   ● Peredovaya- 80 UAH

- flowers in the night (from 21:00 to 9:00) is 100 UAH.


After the customer has made a purchase order of a bouquet or flower arrangement, our florists start working on assembling the bouquet. Note that the bouquet delivery shall be made within three hours of submitting your application. In addition, the order may be delivered at any convenient time for the customer. It is worth saying that if the order was issued after 18:00, it will be considered a night or will it be rescheduled for another day.


Today we are flowers delivery floral bouquets and arrangements at the city of Dnipro, as well as in Dnipropetrovsk region. Due to the fact that we strive to meet the preferences of even the most demanding customer, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered at the exact time and place. After delivery to the addressee, the customer will receive on your phone SMS notification.


Having used our services once, You will return to us again!


All orders are accepted and are formed to 18:00, orders received after 18:00 are shipped the next day. 


On holidays, delivery is carried out during the day (Valentine's Day, International Women's Day - February 13-15 and March 7-9, respectively) - on these days all orders are delivered throughout the day.


We do everything that is important to You!




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