Soap roses

Soap roses

Handmade soap has long gained relevance. But what do you think of soap colors? Undoubtedly, such a bouquet of flowers will be a pleasant enough gift that will certainly surprise the recipient. To mold flowers from soap is easy enough and this work is very pleasant. To whom it may seem at first glance that soap is not a plastic material that does not lend itself to molding and can easily break in the process. This is true, but only partially, there is a little trick that can help you make the soap plastic and malleable, from it you can dazzle anything Like plasticine. It will be enough to soap if you add one easily accessible ingredient and then the molding process can bring great pleasure. In addition, this process is so easy and interesting that you can even attract children to it. But if you do not consider yourself a needlewoman, then you can easily buy roses from soap in our floristic studio. We have a fairly large range of soap works, which can be a great gift for any occasion.
In our floristic studio you can order whole sets of roses from soap. We offer gift sets that will become an original gift for relatives and loved ones. Aromatic soap is used for making and such a gift will be original for any occasion. A soapy bouquet of roses will give the impression of a bouquet of real flowers. To make a delicate bouquet of roses, a soap base is used, absolutely every detail is molded manually, and you can surprise loved ones with such a gift. You can order soap roses from us in the Dnieper.
If you decide to give roses from soap, then you can make an original bouquet and hand it in a stylish box. This is a special gift for special people, I can present such a president to my mother, sister, beloved girl, work colleagues, I can even buy for myself. Soap roses create a real effect of fresh flowers. The flowers in the set have a natural hue and smell exactly like a rose. In addition, this composition can be supplemented with high-quality greens, which will also be made from soap. Such a flower arrangement is able to please anyone who has decided to purchase such a set for a long time. This composition does not require special care and can become a great idea for interior decoration.
At will you can use flowers as separate elements. Even if you decide to try the soap flower for its intended purpose, you can not doubt your decision. K for the manufacture of flowers used quality components. The basis is a high-quality soap, which contains glycerin, coconut oil and plant extracts. Soap contains no parabens, sulfates and phenoxyethanol. In addition, synthetic dyes and flavorings are not used for the manufacture. All are made exclusively on a natural basis. Such bouquets of soapy flowers are suitable for true lovers of creativity and for those who want to surprise. We suggest you buy roses from soap at affordable prices.
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