Beautiful hydrangea

Beautiful hydrangea

Open the balcony or the window, the door and go outside. Summer is here, and what could be better, this season you can spend more time outside and enjoy the sun! July is the month, featuring hydrangea flowers, their extravagant shapes and colors are impressive. Flower-shop offers a large selection of seasonal flowers, as well as exclusivity, the delivery of the flowers.

Hydrangea is a powerful, reliable and very popular plants. There are many different styles and colors, like White, Pink, Blue and Purple. One of the most famous is the beautiful 'Annabelle' (snowball), with heart-shaped leaves and large, white, globular flowers (hence the Name!). If you want to liven up your garden or terrace, and Annabelle Paniculata is a perfect choice.

Tip: In acidic soil, develop hydrangeas that are blue. The more acidic and richer in ferrous sulfate soil, the darker the color. When you add a broken slate in the ground, this effect is enhanced even more! The name Hydrangea, roughly translated, means "Wasserfass" and this is an allusion to the Cup-shaped flowering and its need for large amounts of water. You will immediately know when your plant needs water, because they weaken.

Hydrangeas, even winter is beautiful. Let the plant in the flower bed there is a layer of frost, like glittering jewels, your winter garden is like a fairytale. When winter is over, and the plants begin a new life cycle, do not hesitate, trunk disconnect in a vase with water. You will see that it is a small stem in the near future will take root formation. Plants, and new roots right in the acidic soil can be transplanted either in the garden if it's not too cold, or in a pot, on the night in the room. So you have new free new plants in your garden.

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