10 tips to win the girl!

10 tips to win the girl!

gift SetI'm Sure many young people are ever faced with a situation that their favorite girl didn't pay any attention to them. Of course, every person is an individual and has their own tastes, desires and requirements. This applies particularly to females. Each of them should find a special approach and simply buy flowers for your girlfriend, in this case will not work. This material will be given ten simple tips that will allow each young person to gain the attention of their favorite girls.

1.      if you like the girl, you should be persistent. It is these guys love female. They want to have achieved them. In this case, you can buy flowers for your girlfriend, candy or simply to sing a Serenade under her window. All this must be done at regular intervals.

2.      Most girls prefer guys who are charismatic, eccentricity and originality.

3.      you Must be honest with the girl. The majority of females can't stand when they lie.Bouquet "101 White rose"

4.      For the conquest of the location of the girl, should clearly know every next step. Being sure you will be able to gain the girl's attention very quickly.

5.      the Man must control the situation. Solid character and manhood – one of the main qualities of men, which draws the attention of a woman.

6.      the fairer sex do not like greedy men. You must be generous, but in moderation.

7.      For each girls was very important, that the man was neat. Observing hygiene, using cosmetics and toilet water, you will be able to have the girl to himself.

8.      the Man should be optimistic and not lose sense of humor. If you are depressed, it is better to postpone the courtship of a girl you like at a later date.

9.      For long relationship, the man should fully master the art of sex. In this case, you must be yourself.

10.  A man should not lose self-esteem. Unfortunately, many girls are behaving selfishly towards the man. As a result, the stronger sex is called "henpecked husbands". Don't need them.

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