What bouquet to give to the newborn or what to wear in the hospital?

What bouquet to give to the newborn or what to wear in the hospital?

Bouquet "25 rose El Toro"After the baby is born, as a sign of respect and love for the woman presented with beautiful flowers. The choice of colors for young moms, which is located in the hospital is quite a challenge, as the bouquet should not cause women allergic reactions, and should be decorated in a particular style, depending on the sex of the baby. In this article you will learn about what kind of flowers to buy in the hospital so that they fully liked her and not hurt her.

First of all, I would like to say that the bouquet does not have to be huge. The fact that a woman can admire a bouquet of flowers for only a short period of time, as in the delivery room to keep flowers is prohibited. Typically, the flowers that were brought by the woman, and show off to the common hall. Often, in hospitals there are no beautiful and large vases. As a result, the flowers are kept in banks or any other container. As you know, in the Bank it is very difficult to keep flowers with long stems. This factor is also one of the main why it is not recommended to bring to the hospital lush and long bunches.

Not to mention the fact that it is recommended to choose those types of flowers that are resistant. Typically, a woman to be in the genitive house about five days. In order presented on the first day the flowers were stored for a long period of time, it is recommended to buy them fresh and resistant. Such flowers include carnation, chrysanthemum and gerbera.Bouquet "Morning dew"

On the day of discharge the woman from the hospital are also encouraged to give flowers. In this case, you can give any floral bouquet or arrangement. These flowers will not be stored in the genitive house. A young mother will take them back home. At discharge, it is recommended to give flowers, decorated in a classic package.

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