Wedding boutonniere: traditions and peculiarities.

Wedding boutonniere: traditions and peculiarities.

Despite its small size, accessories at the time of the wedding ceremony plays an important role, allowing to set the mood, as newlyweds, and so close to them. It is worth saying that one of such accessories is the boutonniere, which is inserted into the groom's wedding dress. Although this composition is small in size, its use is quite important.

Note that the application of the boutonnieres were used back in ancient times. The tradition of using this accessory swept over the centuries. Today, this accessory is an integral part of the wardrobe of men who decided to marry. In some cases, this accessory is also used, and a witness.

Often, a boutonniere is attached on the left side of the costume. In addition, you can pin it to the pocket of the groom's suit. It is worth saying that the girl could also use this accessory to decorate her dress. To do this, it is possible to put on a corset or skirt. In the case of the maid of honor, boutonniere can be attached to your handbag or on your wrist.

Although at first glance it may seem that making buttonholes is very simple, implementation of this procedure, you must trust the professionals. The main condition, in this case, is a matching accessory to the Bridal bouquet. Thus, they should be executed in the same range and color. As for the design of buttonholes, it is selected according to personal preference of the groom, as well as a vision of the florist involved in the manufacturing of this accessory. In recent years, many young couples who are preparing for the wedding, also prefer to use buttonholes, made in extraordinary style. In this case we apply different kinds of materials, from pens and paper to buttons and beads.

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