Bouquet "The Dream"

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Price: 575 грн.
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40 см
Bouquet "51 white chrysanthemum"
2 380 грн.
40 см
Bouquet "51 white chrysanthemum" Bouquet "51 white chrysanthemum"
2 380 грн.
Ingredients: Chrysanthemum white
Qty: 51 pieces
Bought: 60 person(s)
Delivery: 3 hours
650 грн.
650 грн.
Composition: Oranges
Capacity: 2-3 kg
Bought: 23person(s)
shipping: 3 hours
65 см
Bouquet "Veronica"
725 грн.
65 см
Bouquet "Veronica" Bouquet "Veronica"
725 грн.
Ingredients: Pink Alstroemeria
Qty: 15 pieces
Bought: 50 person(s)
Delivery: 3 hours
50 см
60 см
Bouquet "101 roses Malibu"
1 200 грн.
50 см
60 см
Bouquet "101 roses Malibu" Bouquet "101 roses Malibu"
1 200 грн.
Ingredients: Rose Malibu
Qty: 101 units
Bought: 17 person(s)
Delivery: 3 hours

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