Daffodils are among the most popular ornamental bulbous plants, flowering in spring.
Their decoration is showing from III to V of the flowers are various shades of white, yellow and orange. The Narcissus flower consists of six petals of the perianth and the characteristic of the tube. The petals can be white or various shades of yellow, and pecorine – white, yellow, bright orange, pink, sometimes red. The genus Narcissus includes about 40 species, known more than 10 thousand varieties..

Daffodils are ideal for bouquets and flower arrangements. Order flowers, you can in our online store flower-shop. Flowers delivery to Dnepropetrovsk hour. We must remember that cut daffodils accelerate fading of other colors, for secrete a sticky SAP that is harmful to other species. Wanting to avoid this, you should put the daffodils in a vase of warm water a day earlier than other flowers. Within 24 hours, the sticky juice out of daffodils and cease to threaten other colors. Water change and the next day, will allow you to securely connect other colors. Increasingly we decorate our apartments - that can't be potted.

Growing daffodils is very easy, because they're not too demanding – grow in virtually any soil, except very light and dry, as well as heavy and wetlands. The best, however, is the substrate of humus and moist. These plants are designed for dry, hot and short vegetation periods, have a remarkable ability of survival.
Daffodils love full sun but also tolerate and lightly shaded positions. May remain without change at one place for a few years. Profusely, usually from the second to fourth year after planting.

The bulbs of daffodils are perennial, covered shell, are obovate and numerous roots. Bulbs are planted in late August and early September. Planting depth of the bulbs depends on their size – plant them to a depth equal to 2-3 of their levels of height, in a lighter soil deeper. We maintain the distance between the bulbs in the amount of 2-3 variants of the width of the bulb.
In late autumn, it is good to replenish the soil multiple mineral fertilizers that will be used plant in the early spring, after start of vegetation.

Daffodils do not require shelter for the winter, but to protect the bulbs before the temperature drops, cover the landing layer of peat, shredded bark, straw or dry leaves. In spring, after frost, clothing must be removed and thoroughly watered. If the daffodils were planted in the grass, you need to keep in mind is to not mow the lawn in about a month after flowering daffodils.
At the end of VII, after drying the leaves of daffodils, we can dig up the bulbs, dry up them, store in a dark, ventilated place and to plant again in early September. However, it is not necessary – the bulbs can be left in the ground, but you need to stop watering to ensure that they have a rest period.

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