How to preserve a bouquet in hot weather or in cold winter?

How to preserve a bouquet in hot weather or in cold winter?

Букет "З 25 червоних троянд"Difficult to find anyone who wouldn't love such seasons like summer and winter. Few people know that the summer and winter months are great for florists. During these periods of the year, a large number of different flowers and plants. These flowers can decorate the house or office. Besides, without them I cannot imagine any festive event. Bouquets and flower arrangements are a manifestation of love and respect. If you put them in a vase, they will be able to give the room harmony, warmth and special charm.

Note that there are flowers and plants that cannot tolerate the heat of summer and extreme cold in the winter. That is why that they have not lost their appeal and freshness in the shortest period of time, it is recommended to follow certain rules to keep the flowers as long as possible.

First of all, we should tell you about how to keep flowers fresh in the summer months of the year. It should be said that such rules do not require any effort and is very easy to use. The first rule to keep colors in the summer, is something that should be hidden from direct sunlight. Colors like light, but can't bear the sun. The second rule is to preserve the optimum indoor temperature. Note that the temperature in the room where there is a bouquet of flowers or a floral arrangement should be between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. It is worth noting that in hot weather, maintaining the temperature in the room becomes quite complex. Therefore, it is recommended at least in the night time, carry fresh flowers in place, pre-wrapping them with paper and putting in a vase with cold water. You can also use the bath filled with water.

If you talk about how to keep flowers fresh in the winter, first of all, note that it is not recommended to put the bouquets in the filtered water. The fact that the composition of water may help bring a lifetime of flowers to fall. In this case, it is necessary to use boiled or pooled water. To preserve the flowers in winter, you should regularly change the water in the vase. If the frost is very strong, you can use warm water.

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