How to care for fresh cut flowers?

How to care for fresh cut flowers?

Bouquet "101 rose Miss piggy"Flowers, like nothing else, can decorate a person's everyday life. However, in order they are as long as possible could help provide comfort and warmth in the house, you should follow some rules to care for fresh cut flowers. It should say that to each type of flower has its own rules. In addition, there are common guidelines that are appropriate for the majority of plants. For example, by purchasing fresh flowers with delivery to Dnepropetrovsk, you must avoid sudden temperature changes, remove the lower leaves, and before you put the flower in a vase, you should cut off the stalk.

If we are talking about flowers such as roses, in addition to the circumcision of the lower leaves and stems should be removed and the flower spikes. If cut roses have started to fade, it is recommended to update their sections, and less than a minute to dip in boiling water. Deciding to buy fresh flowers delivery and adhering to the above rules, you will be able to ensure that your bouquet will live for a long period.

Bouquet "25 red tulips"

Today, in addition to roses, you can buy and other colors in Dnepropetrovsk. For example, among residents of the city are popular lilies, asters, and daffodils. Of course, these flowers also require some care. If we are talking about Lily, with proper care, they can retain their activity for up to ten days. As wilting flowers, they should be removed. In addition, if you remove the stamens, flowers such as lilies will be able to live even longer. To extend the life of colors such as asters and daffodils, it is recommended to store them in cold water. However, before you put the flowers in a vase with cold water, the stems should be placed for a few seconds in warm water. Observing the above rules, bought flowers in Dnepropetrovsk will be able to survive as long as possible.

It should be noted that with the purchase and delivery of flowers to Dnepropetrovsk, you can always ask the courier how to take care of bought a bouquet. Unfortunately not all flower shop working in the city can provide its customers with such information. If you see a flower online flower shop-shop, which can be carried out send flowers to Dnepropetrovsk, you will not only get a fresh cut bouquet, but also detailed information on caring for him.

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