How to care for flowers in the pot?

How to care for flowers in the pot?

Sooner or later, every person desire to have a houseplant. Visiting store at room colors, you will be offered hundreds of different plants, different not only in appearance and price, but also the nuances of care. Unfortunately, not every store flowers, once the purchase will talk about how to care for the purchased flower. In turn to flowers were healthy and properly grown, obtaining such knowledge is necessary. Otherwise, after a few weeks you will need to buy flowers in pot again.

First of all, I would like to mention the fact that absolutely all flowers that grow in a pot, should stand in the bright area of your house or apartment. As we know, plants are very fond of natural light. Thus, the best will be the lighting of your house, the better it will grow flowers. If you prefer buying flowers in a pot related to decorative type, it is recommended to put them on the windowsill. In addition, you should periodically rotate the pot, to prevent violations of stem growth. It should be said that flowers in Dnepropetrovsk also don't like drafts. Before you ventilate the room, it is recommended to move the plant to another room. In that case, if the window sills in the apartment is very cold, the flowers should move away from Windows for maximum distance, and put them on the hill. As upland can be used ordinary wood block or saucer.

Not to mention that flowers should be properly watered. During the winter period, almost all house plants are in a state of hibernation and their root system is not functioning. That is why, in the winter it is recommended to water the flowers once in two weeks. If we are talking about the spring and summer seasons, the plant should be watered more frequently - several times a week. In addition, it is recommended to spray the flowers with water using a spray bottle.

Today, in Dnepropetrovsk there are a lot of floral shops that can offer its clients the purchase of various types of household plants. Contact the online store flower-shop, you will be able not only to buy flowers in Dnepropetrovsk, but also get free advice on how to care for them.

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