Flowers from crepe paper

Flowers from crepe paper

The flowers are always very beautiful and colorful, they bring joy and fill the house with fragrance. We all like to have a full house, but given that it is often not easy to find flowers that we want at any time of the year, we can prepare them in the house, using the material very easy to work with, crepe paper. 

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Create beautiful flowers with crepe paper is much easier than you think, and in a few moves we can make flower arrangements that are suitable for our home and surprise our friends.
To achieve any flower you must study it in all its parts, as each flower is different, and to play better, you must determine all the details with great precision, each flower usually consists of five main parts: bowl; corolla (consists of a set of petals); petals; pistils (the part that contains the pollen, and that makes it much more natural artificial flower, as a rule, it is a contrasting color than the petals); the stem and leaves (the stem is a very important part of the flower, as he claims, and should be coordinated with the flower, in shape and size.
A better material for the execution of corrugated paper flower (you can easily find all stationery products), in fact, this type of paper is very flexible and lends itself well to any type of treatment, available in various colors.

To make flowers from crepe paper is not necessary, just crepe paper, but serve a number of other materials which, as a rule, at our house, but that should be prepared before you start.
First, you need to buy different types of crepe paper, in the sale you will find different weighting, but we must use something from 180 grams (buy different colors), then take the scissors are suitable for paper and other the scissor to cut the wires for iron (you can also use pliers). Also normal wire and wire color ( easily found at most hardware stores or garden), which will serve as the stem of flowers and, finally, prepare tape and paper masking tape for florists.

The first thing to do when you are about to crepe paper flower are the petals.
To cut a strip of crepe paper long (50 cm) and high 8/10 cm, take the upper part and slightly with hands, then outwards (this will be the upper part of the flower), if you want, you can even create a small frill rolling up a portion of the crepe paper on the pencil solve all the paper out, pause for a few seconds and then remove the pencil, you will see that the paper will take the form.
Drove this strip of paper to form a sort of flower, and close it at the bottom with glue, green paper.
And then proceed to the preparation of the stock, add the wire with adhesive tape.
Now you need to prepare the leaves, cut from crepe paper green and promyat well with the hands, then apply to the center of the wire and secure it with adhesive tape. Finally, secure the stem under the flower with ribbon, remember to fasten very well all of this so that the flower can not be removed.

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