Flowers as decoration of the office

Flowers as decoration of the office

A few decades ago, was considered completely unacceptable to use live plants for decoration of office space. The owners of the companies felt that this kind of jewelry can distract your staff, and  will create a proper reputation for the firm. Now most of the organizations on the contrary decorate your room with different types of flowers. Moreover, they improve mood and have a positive effect on the human body.

There is also a belief that a certain color is able in some way to act on the person. Therefore, when creating a design office, you can use the following information:


  • the
  • red – calls to action;
  • the
  • yellow and orange colour – helps a person to be sociable and feel comfortable in the team;
  • the
  • green fills you with energy and strength;
  • the
  • celadon – motivated to change;
  • the
  • blue - reveals the creative inclinations.

 colors Such as white, olive, wood relieve fatigue.

What plants would be good?

Using certain colors can create a certain atmosphere. But before you do anything, you should learn which plants are actually suitable for the office. Form of plants can affect the psychological state of the person. If you use flowers with elongated leaves, they are able to increase the working tone. Bouquets such forms are more suitable for men. If you want a little cheer up the team, set the office the arrangement of gladioli. To calm can dilute the atmosphere of flowers in an oval shape.

In addition, the presence of living plants can have a positive influence on the psychological state of a person, they are still encouraged to act. Working in the office, have to constantly sit in front of the computer. Caring for the plants, you can shake it up a little, to relieve General tension. Communicating with flowers can fill the body with strength and distraction from negative thoughts. The best option for this room:  Chlorophytum, irises, daffodils, carnations, daisies and Jasmine. Flowers can be put not only cut, but normal cut. They stand not long, but it will fill the room a wonderful aroma and freshness.

Where to order a fresh plant?

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