Flower therapy

Flower therapy

Researchers from with Rutgers University has determined that with gift flower improves mood, in the study observed in a good mood that lasted for several days. with Chinese healers - who with believe long to "the power of the flower" withtalk that you should not stop there. They say you with can with use with colors, to call any effect with emotions that the secret with bouquetE. Every color creates with miscellaneous with frequency light waves, they believe, what with journey through with retina and with optic nerve down, chain response responses in body. Neurotransmitters released, inducing production soothing hormones as with melatonin, stimulating hormones, as with adrenaline, with increase mood hormones serotonin. Here, with you with can with enjoy physical and with emotional benefits colors:

Increase energy red roses. Because red, highest lowest vibrating and long wave, stimulates adrenal glands, invigorating. The to Buy roses in Dnepropetrovsk can in the online store flower-shop, timely delivery and freshness of flowers guaranteed! 

 Boost confidence irises. Color Indigo stimulates pineal gland brain, which is controller sleep. Indigo also helps free the mind worries, fear braking. the Buy irises in Dnepropetrovsk is easy with flower store, flower shop, order a bouquet very easy, once you place your order on the website or contact the Manager.

Boost vigilance sunflowers.  Yellow light waves stimulate the brain, what makes you alert sane strong. And as associate yellow sun and daylight, said to help us feel more optimistic.

Get good night sleep bells. Blue leads generation melotonin, brain chemical substance helps us relax and sleep. Blue also stimulates the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine-the hormone that regulates metabolic rate.

Prevent allergies orange daisies. Orange strengthens immune system and easy, what turn spring allergies. Orange also has a strong beneficial effect digestive system and can stimulate sexual organs.

Relieve stress with lilacs. Violet cool us, relief "hot" conditions such as heat rash and sunburn, and inhibiting hunger balancing metabolism. It also stimulates the pituitary gland, the part of the brain that relieves stress.-anti beta-endorphins.

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