Edible flowers

Edible flowers

in Addition to colorful fruits and vegetables that are pleasing to our eyes, the cymbals more and more appear all the possible colors that will not only decorate the plate, but also an accessory that can be eaten.
Fashion on edible flowers, becomes in our kitchens more and more popular. Of course, we don't mean cauliflower, broccoli or artichokes, which are also the colors. The tradition of using flowers in food is known and practiced throughout the world for a long time. Suffice it to mention floral waters: orange or pink, or a known mixture of herbal tea, some herbs of Provence, in which you can find dried lavender flowers.

Flowers are not only a decorative element, but also rich in vitamins and delicious addition to our usual, traditional dishes. Their advantage is not only a beautiful color and appearance, but also an interesting accessory that will impress all vegetarians.

Of course, not all flowers can be eaten before consuming need to ensure that the plant will not harm our health or life. It is not only that some kinds of plants and flowers can be poisonous juices. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from all possible troubles, complaints, is to know where these colors come. The best solution is to use plants from your own garden or flower pot. Of course, most flowers you can buy at shows or stores, before buying you should know from which place they come from.

Unfortunately, not all flowers are edible. We must have absolute confidence that we eat. So, if we are not sure what this flower is the one for which he is, we believe, do not eat it. Some flowers are so poisonous that are not suitable even for decorating. Allergies should be especially careful in the use of flowers, because it can cause allergies.


Here are the plants whose flowers you can eat:

Acacia, marigold, aniseed, Basil, begonia, Pansy, broccoli, chrysanthemum, zucchini, garlic, pumpkin, beans, violet, Phlox, geranium, pear, peas, hibiscus, Apple, Jasmine, artichoke, coriander, clover, dill, cauliflower, lavender, day lilies, lime, lovage, poppy, mint, dandelion, calendula, nasturtium, Impatiens, marjoram, orange, primrose, rosemary, rose, arugula, sunflower, chamomile, sage, chives, plum, Tulip, thyme, honeysuckle, cherry.

If we are just starting our adventure with food colors, better in the beginning to consume them in small quantities, primarily the petals themselves. It should also be borne in mind that usually the flowers, which are distinguished by expressive scent will be too strong, decisive taste.
There are many ways that our diet was filled with flowers. You can add them to various dishes – rice, pie, soups, salads, or create one meals in themselves, as pies.

Of course flowers suitable canned jam from rose petals, syrup Yes or lavender sugar is just some of the variations on the theme of floral sweet toppings for cakes and desserts.

Worth experimenting not only with different types of flowers, but also to try interesting combinations and ingredients used to make delicious and colorful dishes.

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